Dazzling Holiday Beauty Gifts from Nordstrom

At Christmas, I don’t want a vacuum, a housecoat, or another mug. I’d much rather have something glamorous, sparkly, and magical like a gorgeous beauty gift! I’m sure you would agree!

Holiday Make-up l Deborah Boland l Fabulous After 40

Today I’m partnering with Nordstrom – your one-stop shopping destination for all things beauty. I’ve been poking around online and found all kinds of fabulous beauty items, many under $100 and $50 to give or get, even if that means treating yourself to a special little Christmas gift – wink, wink!

Holiday makeup ideas | Deborah Boland l Fabulous After 40

Nordstrom has all kinds of exciting beauty gifts, from big to small, so let’s start with the big. They have all sorts of high-tech hair tools like Dyson blowdryers and the latest in curling irons and hair wands. There are professional spa gadgets like the Nu Face Trinty and the Dermaflash Ultrasonic Pore Extractor. But what caught my eye this year was this Simplehuman Sensor Make-up Mirror.

My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, and applying eye makeup and mascara is tricky. This cordless, rechargeable mirror magnifies 1x 5x, and 10X and lights up as you approach it. There’s even a version with a built-in speaker to talk to google or play music!

Holiday Beauty Gift - makeup mirror


Let’s talk about some other goodies for Christmas that I treated myself to. Do you see all that makeup? It’s from Charlotte Tilbury, that I really love. The start of a  new year is always a  great time to clean out all my old makeup and begin fresh.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup l Deborah Boland l Fabulous After 40

Charlotte Tilbury is a Hollywood makeup artist, so her products are fantastic. My favorite purchase is the eyeshadow palette called Bigger, Brighter Eyes.

Holiday makeup application l Deborah Boland l Fabulous After 40

Nordstrom has all the top cosmetic lines to choose from; I happen to like this particular brand.

Holiday Beauty Ideas l Deborah Boland l Fabulous After 40

The best part is that Nordstrom has many beauty gifts with purchases going on right now, so be sure to take a look at those before you buy any makeup. There’s usually a minimum amount you have to spend to get the bonus, but that’s easy to do this time of year.


Now, onto the stocking stuffers! My daughter is 16 and loves makeup, and who wouldn’t love a stocking stuffed full of pretty beauty products? Nordstrom has an excellent selection of small, really cutely packaged beauty items that you can mix and match to create a stocking full of beauty.

Holiday Beauty gifts Nordstrom

Look at all this fun stuff!

I bought sparkly packaged eyeshadows, juicy lip glossescolorful makeup sponges, fragrant candlesthe cutest makeup casehair volumizer, and nail polish.  Many of these are Nordstrom beauty exclusives. I have linked these and more above. I think a Christmas stocking like this, full of little surprises, is the best Christmas gift of all! Finally, Nordstrom has all the latest perfumes and dozens of luxurious perfume gift sets.

Holiday Beauty Gifts l Deborah Boland l Fabulous After 40

There is no need to run around stressing yourself out over what to buy for loved ones or have your husband running around wondering what to get you. I’m happy I was able to find everything I needed at the Nordstrom Beauty department.

These are luxurious Beauty gifts that will have any woman smiling ear-to-ear on Christmas Day. I know I will be!

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

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    1. Hi Teresa,
      That sweater was at Nordstrom 2 years in a row as it was trendy, but sadly I can’t find it anywhere this year, not even close. If I see it, I will let you know. Cheers, Deborah

    1. Thanks, Carol, You have to get creative when you shoot indoors. My son had several of these trees on sale at the end of last year’s Christmas. e them all around our dining table and turn the lights down. The effect when we are eating Christmas dinner is magical! Happy Holidays! Cheers, Deborah

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