Drop Dead Gorgeous Velvet Party Dresses for Christmas

If there ever was a Christmas fabric, velvet is it. Santa loves this rich, luxurious fabric (his suit is made of it), and so do we!  Here’s a look at some this season’s most gorgeous velvet party dresses.


1.  Have a Blue Christmas

There’s nothing like velvet to make you look and feel like royalty. This stunning navy v-neck A-line velvet dress reigns supreme!  This is a simple, understated dress that makes it perfect for this year when you want to be more casual but feel festive.

Blue velvet is my favorite. Have you seen my blue velvet cocktail dress?

2. Figure Flattering Ruching

If you think your days of wearing a body-con dress like this wine ruched dress are gone, think again. This lovely dress can hide a thousand sins. (Okay, maybe a thousand cupcakes.)

This dress nicely defines the waist and creates the illusion of curves, something we can all use a little help with once ‘menopausal middle’ strikes. The elbow-length sleeves are chic and youthful, and the rich burgundy color is regal!

3. Wrapped Up With A Bow Tie

Here’s a pretty dress with a cute holiday touch. This velvet tie-neck shift dress 

This dress makes it look like you are wrapped up with a pretty Christmas package complete with a bow! Seriously, this is an exquisite dress that looks great because the bow creates attention, which makes others look at your face (and not their phones Lol!)

4. Christmas Shimmer

If you are looking for something, a little different, then have a closer look at this breathtaking sequin velvet sheath dress. I love how the lustrous velvet catches and reflects the light. Beautiful!

5. Romantic Ruffles

Velvet looks rich and luxurious no matter what color. This gold metallic velvet dress is elegant and romantic. It has a nostalgic charm and is super figure-flattering because it skims your curves in all the right places.

6. Midi

This velvet surplice midi dress is a classic wrap with a lovely twist. The velvet has a flowery velvet burnout detail that gives it a boho vibe. Puffed sleeves are pretty and right on trend.

7. Embroidered

This chic embroidered velvet shift dress is easy to wear and unique with its classy gold embroidery. It takes a simple modern shape and gives it a sophisticated spin.

8. Lace

This classic velvet and lace midi dress is modest but sexy. It’s the perfect dress for so many occasions, not just Christmas, and is sure to wow!

Do you have a velvet dress. Where do you plan to wear it?

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