Fat Loss Tricks to Feel Sexy During Menopause

Even if you’ve done a pretty good job at maintaining your weight up until now, when menopause creeps in, you can’t help but notice those annoying extra pounds, especially around your middle!  At a time when the kids are leaving home, and you and your husband may be rediscovering a new life together,  you’re likely to feel frumpy instead of sexy.

Many women ask me what I have done to stay slim all these years, and how I am fighting off the dreaded menopot?

Here’s what as been my lifelong approach to eating and exercise and a few fat loss tricks I have learned along the way.


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I don’t believe in diets! I believe in all things in moderation- protein, fat, vegetables, a little fruit and a few carbs, and yes dessert and wine sometimes. If you deny yourself something, you will binge later.

  1. Don’t Eat After 6 pm, and if you must, because you are going out, then don’t eat until 11 the next morning. You need time not to eat to burn off the calories.
  2. Get Regular sleep- When I don’t sleep, I get moody, and I get the munchies.
  3. Be careful with wine. If you have wine, no dessert. Think of wine as liquid sugar. It’s a treat
  4. Move- every day! Do little things like taking the stairs, and parking a few spaces further away- these things add up and make exercise a part of your lifestyle-painless. 4x week Walk, walk, walk to increase metabolism and do some weights to burn fat, stretch! I walk and do Pilates and that covers all those areas.
  5. Use a small plate for your meals. It tricks your brain to help you feel full.
  6. Tell yourself you can have it, but later tomorrow- Guaranteed you never want it tomorrow and if you do, have it but just a little.
  7. Tell yourself over and over; that I’m not a big eater. I don’t eat much. I feel full easily. It does sink in after a while, and you eat less.
  8. Be a conscious eater- Remember there is only one way in through the mouth- so keep yours closed or be mindful when you do open it up to let food in.
  9. Variety is essential, so you don’t get bored. Try different fruits, and vegetables to make things exciting. Think of your body as a car. Fuel it well.
  10. Weigh yourself every day. Don’t freak if you have gained a few pounds, but get them off right away by cutting down a little. If you eat a lot one day, eat light the next. Don’t let pounds build up.

Try these things to start feeling and looking fabulous and sexy. It’s your time, girl! Don’t let menopause and the fear of gaining weight drag you down. You got this!


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