A Funnel Neck Pullover That’s Comfy, Chic

Last week I posted about a cozy, green funnel neck sweater everyone loved. Today I’m partnering with Talbots to bring you another cute top with that same trendy neckline!

yellow striped mock neck fleece sweater

This darling, yellow funnel neck pullover is just the thing to lift you out of a winter funk and put you in a cheery mood. Funnel necks are the modern version of the classic turtleneck. They’re different than turtlenecks in a couple of ways. Instead of having a separate sewn-on collar that folds over, the funnel neckline extends the sweater; there are no seams. This is why some people call funnel necklines built-up necklines.

yellow striped mock neck pullover

Funnel necklines are also wider at the base than the top, like an inverted funnel, hence the name. (You can see that clearly with this cashmere funnel neck sweater I also own.)

This yellow funnel neck pullover has a darling added detail – three buttons at the shoulder! I love the sporty stripes and the fresh mix of yellow and white.

I also couldn’t resist this striped bangle and multicolored earrings to add some playful polish to the look. This outfit feels like spring to me in the middle of winter!


Can you guess the fabric? It’s fleece, which makes it ultra-soft and cozy. But it’s also relatively thin and quite lightweight, so you don’t get hot. I like wearing my funnel neck pullover with dark wash jeans because the deep blue makes the yellow pop.

You could wear black too (or white), but I’d stay away from light, faded wash.

I think the lug sole booties ( more sizes at the end of the post) go perfectly with the casual, modern vibe.

yellow striped fleece funnel neck pullover

This is the typical thing I would wear when working at home. In the mornings, I get up, put Bella out to do her business,  have a cup of tea, make breakfast, and then begin my day.

yellow striped fleece funnel neck pullover top

O.K. Maybe I have two cups of tea! Lol! This cute funnel neck pullover also comes in pink navy, tan, and blue stripes, plus a heart’s pattern and a whole bunch of other gorgeous solid colors.

shop the look

To shop this look, click the links below. Also, please be sure to stop by tomorrow when I show you another casual top I’ve been wearing lately that is just as fabulous!

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