How to Fatten Up Your Over Forty Lashes

If you notice your eyes are looking a little “bald” these days, blame it on your thinning eyelashes. As we hit our forties, our lashes become sparse and more fragile, making our eyes look small and tired.


What can you do to get your lashes back to their youthful thickness?  I had a good old-fashioned Q and A with celebrity make-up artist Sana Young and here’s what I learned.

Q. Sana, What’s the number one thing we should do if we want lush lashes?

Deb, you’ve got to baby your lashes. As we age, it’s important than ever to remove any mascara or eye make-up before we go to bed.  You can use a make-up wipe but be sure to be extremely gentle around your eye area.

I like the Klorane Soothing Eye Make-up Remover, its made with cornflower, and it is so gentle and soothing. It removes everything with ease!!

klorane soothing eye make-up remover
A gentle eye make-up remover if you are worried about thin, weak lashes falling out.

Treat your lashes like gold because being too rough can remove lashes that you have, making them even thinner and weaker than they already are.

Also, be sure to use a moisturizer around your eye area to help your lashes hydrated, soft and shiny and to make eyelashes grow.  Any eye cream will keep your lashes conditioned and in good health and help make eyelashes grow.

Q. I curl my lashes. Is that damaging or o.k.?

If you are taking good care of your lashes, then it’s fine to curl them when it comes time to apply mascara.  In fact, if you are over 35, you should be using a curler to give your eyes more lift. It’s rare to see a gal over 35 who has a natural curl to her lashes.

The best time to curl them is after you apply eye shadow and liner but before mascara. Also, make sure your eyelashes are dry or else your lashes could end up with a bent lash look.

Q. What’s the proper technique for using an eyelash curler?

Open the curler and place the upper lashes inside the mouth of the curler. Try your best to get as close to the lash line as possible. If you feel the curler pinching your eyelid, you’re too close. Keep your eye open and slowly close the curler and count to five. Then apply mascara. Stay away from gimmicky heated eyelash curlers that can dry your thinning eyelashes.

Thanks, Sana, I have so much more to ask you. Next post, part 2 – Everything you always wanted to know about mascara! Click here to read.

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  1. You are doing amazing work! Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts 😊. After more than 10 years of wearing false eyelashes my natural lashes took a serious beating. My friend recommended Careprost. I’m happy ❤️ I finally found “GETLASH24″ in Google and got careprost (same as Latisse, but it’s a way..cheaper) and after trying it, I will NEVER be without it! My lashes are twice as long and thick and I am already being asked if they’re natural, to which I can happily respond…..”Yes”!

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