Help for Your Disappearing Eyebrows

aging eyebrows
aging eyebrows

There are some days I look in the mirror, and my eyebrows look like they are fading away. So I go to my make-up drawer, pull out the eyebrow pencil, fill in my brows, and instantly I look perkier and a whole lot younger.

If you’ve got the same problem, I suggest you take a closer look at your eyebrows.

Eyebrows are important. They frame your eyes ( the same way a picture frame accentuates a painting) and give your face a natural lift.

The problem is the age we age; many of us find our eyebrows get lighter, a lot thinner, and even turn gray.   Years of waxing, threading, and tweezing away those little hairs also make our once full,  nicely arched brows lose their shape.

Disappearing eyebrows are so gradual you barely even notice it happening,  but the result is weak, skimpy brows that make our faces look undefined, tired, and old.

So what’s a 40+ gal to do punch up her brows and bring her face back to life?  I talked to my friend, celebrity make-up artist Sana Young, about this problem and she gave me these seven tips.

1. Put Down the Tweezers

We’re all guilty of doing this at times. We’ll try to get the perfect arch and end up with eyebrows that are way too thin. The best thing to do is to hide your tweezers and leave the plucking to the professionals. I know, it’s hard to do, especially in-between salon appointments, but your brows will thank you in the end.

toppix hairbuilging fibres2. What to do with Faint, Thin, Light Brows?

Use a pencil to fill in your shape to give an illusion of fuller brows. Gently color in the upper hairline to give your brows a lift with an arch. It’s better to use a good eyebrow pencil instead of powder with an angled brush. The pencil will provide you with that defined look and last a lot longer than powder. Just check out Sharon Stone’s eyebrows and you’ll see an excellent example of this done right.

Another solution is to use a product called Toppik Hair Building Fibres. These fibers are made of high-grade keratin protein and can be applied to the roots of your fine eyebrow hairs with a spray applicator to help camouflage areas of sparse growth.

3. Match the Color 

Try to match as closely as you can to your natural hair color. If you can’t find a color close to yours, try to go a little darker, but not lighter because it’ll age you. To help your brows look more natural, blend the color with a cotton swab while brushing your brows into place. You could also use a brow gel to help set the tone and brow into place if you’re worried about it fading.

4. Learn How to Shape  Your Eyebrows

Natural, fuller and groomed brows are in! To get your thin brows to achieve this look by filling it in with a pencil. A pencil will define the arch and length easily and can be a part of your everyday look. Keeping your eyebrows thicker will give your eyes an instant lift while making them look open and almond-shaped. Avoid shaping your eyebrows yourself, as we tend to overdo it and completely ruin our shape.

5. Should You Thread, Try Eyebrow Waxing, or Tweeze? 

Threading is thought to be the best technique because it gives you a defined look and lasts a lot longer. If you have sensitive skin, threading is best for you because it’s gentler compared to waxing and less painful. It’s more effective than tweezing because a large area of hair is being removed all at once rather than plucking them one by one. It also pulls out the shortest of hairs, making it easier to maintain more often. Once again, it’s best to leave this method for the professionals.

6. Ingrown Hairs

When the sharp tip of the hair curls back into the hair follicle, we get ingrown hair. This can cause irritation and sometimes redness that we don’t want especially in our eyebrow area. A tip to help is to apply heat over the area, which will soften the skin and relax the hair follicle. This will get the hair to come up to the surface and take away the redness.

7. Tattoo Your Eyebrows

If you’re tired of waxing, threading, or tweezing and you’re looking for more of a permanent solution, tattooing your brows might be for you. This will allow you to get those perfect brows and make them appear fuller as well as open up your eyes. But beware; make sure to check references and techniques used by tattoo artists. This is permanent!

Try out these tips and tricks to get that fuller bold brow this season. Leave a comment below about your own eyebrow tips and if you have any makeup questions, for Sana from Meccage Make-up email us at

Watch for Sana’s next post on how to get Fall’s bolder brow.

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18 thoughts on “Help for Your Disappearing Eyebrows

  1. Microblading.
    The BEST thing EVER!!!!!!
    Could you wake up? I have brows.
    Get wet; I have brows.
    Never been happier!!!

  2. My daughter’s eyebrows have been thinning and fading. My friend told me about dermalmd serum, and we did some research. We decided to try this on her eyebrows and have been seeing growth. Bald spots have hair now. It works pretty fast, naturally.

  3. Found the perfect (for me) eyebrow pencil with a brush for my skin tone coloring and to compliment my grey-brown-white hair. Etude House, Drawing Eye Brown make it, and the color is Grey Brown, #02. With a bit of practice with the slated pencil and attached brow brush, my brows look more natural than trying to blend blondes or browns with grey pencils. It cost $5.00 and is listed on

  4. Such excellent tips; I love these sorts of posts because there is always something new to learn in beauty, and knowing the tips & tricks can make life so much easier.

  5. My brows have thinned, so I did microblading, and they look great. My issue is the hairs I do have are unruly and stick out. I cannot control them with any brow gel. I don’t know what to try next. Any suggestions?

  6. A less permanent option may be micro blading. I recently had Micro blading done to my skinny, blond brows, which took years off my face! It should last 2-3 years with some touch-ups. The Micro blading I had done looks like brow hair. You can also get the shading done to make them look bolder. I would redlookto that and tattoo to determine what is right for you. As with the tattoos, please Do your research and look at testimonials, I have seen some not-so-great brows, and I have seen some great brows!

  7. I don’t have any eyebrows to put the hair fibers onto……., and I’m nervous about tattooing. Oh yes, my eyebrows aren’t even (one higher than the other) so coloring them makes them look worse…..

  8. I have never had thick brows. I am 63-year-old. Is there any way to grow them? I have never had leg hair or an underarm hair problem. The hair on my head proliferates and is thick and healthy. I use a pencil for my brow currently. I can’t afford to.

  9. I am 58 yrs old.:Had a complete hysterectomy before I was 30. I had no issues with sparse or thinning eyebrows due to the lack of hormones. Just past 2 yrs have lost most of just my right brow (at the arch of all places!) My left brow is alright. I also have facial palsy on the left side of my face; as I have aged ( on the right side of my face only ), the left eyebrow is stationary. With the natural aging process, my right brow now sags with age. It looks awful, and the symmetrical difference is difficult to look at.
    Any help from professional makeup artists or tutorials to help with the brow thinning would be greatly appreciated. I also have thought about tattoos but question what happens as you continue to age. Would it look funny with sagging? Thank you

  10. My eyebrows have wholly disappeared after going through menopause. I used to have them professionally plucked and tinted regularly. I draw the shape daily now but am seriously considering having permanent tattooing done as it affects my self-confidence (as well as looking odd)!!! I wonder if anyone out there has had a similar experience…am hair free on my legs and arms too!

    1. Omg, I’m going through the same things; my brows have disappeared, and I have not needed to shave my legs since Dec. hair on my arms bearly there! Eyelashes are looking shorter also! I went to Dr. to check my thyroid, and she said no issue with that! No liking, no eyebrows … I dont mind not having to shave legs. Scared, I’m going to lose my head hair! Any help would be great!

  11. I first had my eyebrows tattooed at a Plastic Surgeons office the 1st time at the cost of $750 (back about 2003 or so). Since then, I found a lady not far from my hometown who uses vegetable dye, so it will eventually fade some, but I AM OKAY with knowing that at some point, I might lighten the color up a bit or change the shape a bit depending on how my face ages. I now pay $400 & get one touch-up for that price. I usually have them done every 4 yrs. or so. HAPPY w/my decision & WHAT A TIME SAVER! And in the summer or after I wash my hair, my eyebrows don’t wash off or get wiped off in the heat/humidity of summer. Find yourself a good Cosmetic Tatoo Artist & go for it! And it’s not just for women!

  12. Also, if it’s a lot of thinking, next time you go to the doctor, have him check your thyroid and sugar numbers as it’s one of the tell-tale signs for those too.

  13. Great article on disappearing eyebrows. I have non-existent eyebrows and did get them tattooed years ago and was thinking of having them done again. After reading this, I will have them done again, and I’m sick of penciling all the time.

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