How to Grow Out Short Fine Hair

There comes that point where you want a change, and often that means growing out your hair. But what kind of style do you transition to if all you’ve ever known is concise hair? Fabulous After 40 hair expert Chris Maclachlan has this advice for my reader Genie.

What should Genie do with her hair?

Hi Chris,

I’m a 68-year-old woman with a round face. I’ve decided to let my hair grow out after having had short hair since I was 13. I’m sick of short hair and want to do something different.

I like having some length to my hair. It’s about halfway down my neck, and I’m trying to get it so I can pull it back in a ponytail when I garden or we go camping. I want something DIFFERENT!!!! I’m SICK of the same old thing!!!!!

I’m willing to cut it if you have suggestions that will not look like I’ve always. My hair is lovely, and I color it. It has a little wave but not much body.

I’d be grateful for any help you can give me. Thanks. Genie

Hi Genie,

I can’t believe you are 68 !! You look great and have beautiful skin.

As for your hair, I like the color but agree with you that it is time for a change with your cut.

cynthia nixon
Bob will make thin ends look thicker.

I would first like to address the fact that you say your hair is fine. Most people with fine hair are always going for volume, which means they are always going for looks that don’t work for their natural texture.

Also, the longer you go, the more delicate your hair will look. As soon as it’s past your shoulders, it will separate when you move, and you can see right through it, making it look even thinner.

Bob is great for making fine ends look thicker.

I encourage you to go for a modern classic bob and grow your bangs and layers a bit.

Having no bangs or long bangs with a side part will slim your face and have a slight angle to the cut. Also, if you go for a sleek look and stop trying to get volume, you will be much more satisfied with the results and spend less time on the blow-dry.

I would try one of these looks. The image of the blond woman has slight graduation in the back, which is an excellent way to add a bit of height to the crown, so that is something you can also try. Good luck.

Chris Maclachlan is a top hairstylist and wardrobe consultant with over 15 years of experience in the industry. She is passionate about helping all women find their style and feel their best, regardless of age, shape, or size.

If you have a question about hairstyles for women over 40? Send Chris an email with a photo to

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5 thoughts on “How to Grow Out Short Fine Hair

  1. I am going on 66, and my hair sucks! It is so baby fine and straight as a board! I have had long hair and agree that it is worse looking. Short hair is ok with me! I have had my hair professionally done, looks great. The next day the look is back. Ugh! I have tried to style my hair with gels and other things that say great for thin hair! I can see my scalp through my hair. I would love to be able to wear headbands, clips, and other accessories, but they slide right off the hair! I would love a look for my hair type that has a short face with longer bangs and is easy to do. Any suggestions would be so helpful.

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