Glam Holiday Make-up ~ Eyes, Cheeks, and Lips

You’ve got the perfect outfit for your holiday party, now how do you get a glam beauty look to match? Celebrity make-up artist Sana Young has this advice for holiday eyes and holiday cheeks.

More Holiday Party Look Ideas for Make-Up and Hair

1. Try a matte face with a red lip or Bordeaux color, with a wig liner.  (wig liner is a solid-liquid line on top, extends the lash line with a little lift up). This is such a beautiful classic look that will have you looking polished and festive.


2.  Experiment With an exaggerated side part. It’s a beautiful, clean style. Regardless of length, it can look classic with the bangs crossing the forehead. Tuck the hair behind your ear on one side.


3. NYX  has some gorgeous lip liners. I like to use lipstick. They last long have fantastic pigment and are so reasonably priced you can but a few to play with.


4. Benefit Cosmetics -What’s Up– It’s a fantastic highlighter that can be used on almost any skin tone. Apply a little dab to just above your cheekbone to give a perfect glow for any party


5. Lashes– There are so many lashes out there and so many price points, how do you choose. During the holidays with all the celebrations, it’s time you attempt applying lashes. My favorite lashes right now are Ardell Wispies- perfect length, cute flirty look! Glue- Duo invisible.

Once you have the tools, it’s time to apply. First apply mascara to your own lashes, curl your lashes if you typically do. Next place a drop of glue on a paper towel or tissue. I like using tweezers but some like holding the strip with their fingers. Gently run the edge of the lash strip through the glue. Then look down and apply gently rubbing the edge and moving the strip of lashes as close to your lash line as possible making it look very natural. You can finish this look off with a second coat of mascara for additional drama, and a liner on top to ensure a seamless look on your lids.

6. Brows- With all the parties and their twinkling lights you should make sure your eyebrows don’t disappear. If you haven’t tried to fill your brows in there is no time like the present! Anastasia Brows Beverly Hills pioneered products both effective and simple to apply. I encourage first-time users to try the Brow Wiz pencil and comb combination. Fill in your hair and shape the brows, maybe elongating brows that are too short or correcting the beginning point so both brows match, then comb it through for a natural look.

If you have filled in your brows for a while and want to try a different product that is waterproof and a bit more detailed in its application I would recommend using Anastasia Brow Pomade. Use an angled brush and brow brush. Using the same instructions apply the pomade and work it through with the brow brush.

Happy Holidays!

If you have a makeup question for Sana, just send  it along to questions@fabulous

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