Wearing Stripes with Tweed – A Modern Style Recipe

Great Style is often a mixed bag! In other words, sometimes the more prints, the more colors, the more texture, the better.

For example, here’s a cute way to combine stripes, tweed, and denim that you may have yet to consider for a fresh, modern look.


tweed jacket and jeans

All the ingredients in today’s style recipe are from @talbotsoffical. They make it easy to put together some interesting combinations because all their collections mix and match.

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jacket | jeans | striped top | shoes | earrings | sunglasses


The Tweed Jacket

Let’s start with the hero piece, the tweed jacket. This gorgeous tweed jacket is a classic Chanel-inspired style with a little longer fit than the traditional cropped look.

It’s a dark navy, close to black, with tiny touches of pink, blue, and yellow-green running through it. I love the fringed edge and those gorgeous gold buttons at the pockets and wrist because they give this jacket an elegant touch.

The best part is the nubby texture. It’s beautiful up close and adds a lot of personality to this jacket.


The Striped Top

The black and white striped tee is from an earlier collection this fall. You probably saw me wear it with a fushica blazer, and a long blue cardigan. This top has given me so much mileage.

It’s a soft, stretchy fabric, and the boat neckline is so flattering. It makes my shoulders look broad, making my waist look a little smaller!


The Jeans

The jeans are my new favorites. There are slim, straight legs, so very much like skinny but more modern with a bit more room at the ankle and cropped.

It’s hard to see here, but they have a slit at the sides that is banded with tiny crystals. They’re very subtle but a fabulous detail that uplevels your look.

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jacket | jeans | striped top | shoes | earrings | sunglasses


The Mixed Style Recipe

Now, let’s look at all these ingredients mixed. It’s a cool look. We all grew up thinking stripes and a busy jacket like this would not work, but it comes across as cool and modern. The trick here is to keep your base neutral. Jeans go with everything, of course.

As for the top, ideally, a dark navy striped top would have been the perfect complement to a blue print jacket, but in this case, the black and white top was close enough to the very dark navy.

I also added my favorite shoes, these low-heeled black slingbacks,  to bookend the striped top and balance things out.

The smooth, stretchy tee and nubby tweed jacket are also exciting.

So the basic lesson here is to mix texture and mix colors- but keep those colors in the same color family, and you will be fine. This is a great example of having a classic style and adding a creative touch. It’s cool but elegant and modern for any age.

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