How to Accessorize When You Wear Glasses

glases over 40Dear Deborah,

I wear glasses and love to wear jewelry, but I always worry that the look is too heavy. What are the rules for eyeglass wearers?

Thanks, Timas

Hi Timas,

This is an excellent question. Your eyeglasses are an accessory and need to be recognized and counted.

Here are some rules to follow:

  • Take note of what color your glasses are. Are they silver, gold, or bronze? The rest of your jewelry, belt, and purse hardware should coordinate.
    • Do your eyeglasses match your wardrobe style? If you like to wear traditional clothes, your glasses should be classic. If your style is more modern, your glasses should be stylish. If you live a double life and dress one way for work and another on your days off, consider having several pairs in different styles! There are lots of funky colored and patterned glasses out there that are fun for weekends.

  • Glasses and earrings should not fight each other! Since glasses are more prominent than earrings, let your earrings be a lovely accent. They should not compete for attention.
  • Are your glasses competing with your face shape? Balance is the key here. If you have a round face, try drinks with a boxy or more rectangle look. Have a long face, then try rounded lenses. Oval? You’re lucky; most any shape of glasses will look good on you!
  • What about necklaces and glasses? If you like bold necklaces, keep the earrings to a minimum. Once again, keep your look harmonious. If you have fun, funky glasses, you will be able to pull off clunky jewelry. Fine jewelry works best with rimless types of frames.
  • Love jewelry and don’t know where to draw the line? One easy rule of thumb is: it probably is if you think it looks like too much.
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9 thoughts on “How to Accessorize When You Wear Glasses

  1. I greatly appreciate the part of your article that states that earrings and glasses shouldn’t be stealing each other’s attention and that the earrings have to be an accent, as my wife loves to accessorize but has the need to wear glasses for all her activities.

  2. Great tips! I wear glasses and I agree that you should wear ones that suit your style. I’m an artistic/boho dressing person and pretty much dress that way for work and at leisure. However, I do have a wardrobe of glasses some more conservative (for me). This is a must! I also find that bold earring demands either no necklace or a less bold one and a bold necklace demand small earrings. For me, I also best to only wear one bold piece at a time for balance.

  3. I’ve only just realized that glasses are now considered trendy so my new pair is a lot more trendy and more expensive than my previous glasses. Everyone seems to like them as I do, so it’s worth spending more money on glasses if you can – especially if you wear them all the time as I do. I usually take a friend with me to help me choose frames, but I didn’t this time and I got exactly what I wanted instead of what someone else liked.

    1. Hi Christine, I think it is best to shop alone because you can get very confused shopping with a friend who may have different tastes. I talk about that in this video. Check it out to hear what I say and pick up some other shopping tips:
      Cheers, Deborah

  4. Try Rimless Glasses you can buy prescription glasses from there at low prices so you can afford to buy glasses for different looks. That is what i do ;-)

  5. Great post. Even though I’ve worn glasses since I was 14 I’ve never really thought of them as an accessory. Guess I kind of thought of them as part of my face!

    Since glasses are the most noticeable accessory, I think it’s worth spending some money on a great pair. My glasses are over 10 years old but they were the cutting edge when I bought them. I keep thinking about getting a new pair but every time I’m about to take the plunge, I get a bunch of new compliments on them. I don’t think my glasses would still be fashionable today if I’d gone the cheap route.

    1. Hi Andrea,
      I love the term…” worth the splurge” and it sounds like you’ve gotten your money’s worth investing in a good stylish pair of glasses!
      Your glasses must suit your style and personality and keep you looking up to date! So glad you have not had buyer’s remorse and that you are still enjoying them after all these years…

  6. What do you think about glasses chains? I believe they are seen as aging but I have to say I am never happier than when I can find my reading glasses right around my neck…

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