How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Today I’m discussing the Scorpio woman, born between October 23rd and November 21st, in my How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign series.

The most mysterious of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, Scorpios are passionate, bold, and fearless. They love competition in any arena and thrive on a challenge. Never flaky or helpless, Scorpios are driven to succeed, and their natural resourcefulness always, somehow, allows them to find a path to success. They are stubborn in the best sense of the word.

Intense-focused and direct, the Scorpio woman has a way of cutting to the heart of most issues. She’s intuitive and in-tune with life.

Charming, sexy, brave, and loyal all describe the Scorpio woman.



Famous Scorpio Women Over 40

Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Judi Dench, Maria Shriver


Scorpio Style

  • A master of uniforms, Scorpio loves versatile, well-cut staples
  • Defines ladylike with a sexy edge
  • Polished 24/7
  • Dark, moody style
  • Loves one item, gets it in every color
  • Likes to show skin. She is not afraid to reveal her assets


Casual Scorpio

Scorpio women are mysterious, and nothing says mystery more than the sophisticated color combination of navy blue and black. This outfit appeals to the ‘ladylike with an edge’ aesthetic of the Scorpio woman. From a pretty bell-sleeve blouse with a keyhole cutout that shows just a bit of skin to a versatile pair of leggings in a sexy faux-leather rendition to practical slides updated with edgy studs and grommets, the Scorpio woman knows how to work a polished look that keeps people guessing.



Dressy Scorpio

You’ll be sure to make a sexy-Scorpio entrance in this stunning black sheath dress. I love the way this dress is sexy without revealing too much. It’s the perfect way for an over-40 gal to show a little skin in a very classy way. Scorpios love a little (or a lot) of black in their outfits, so they will want to wear this LBD with an LBS (little black shoe) like this feminine pump. It has a nice heel on the lower side, so it’s comfy too. Finish the look with eye-catching accessories(leopard is a favorite), and you’re ready to go.


Let me know what you think, Scorpios!

And if you’re wondering about how to dress for your zodiac sign, type your sign in the search bar or click here and scroll to the bottom for a list of all the signs.

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2 thoughts on “How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

  1. I’m a Scorpio and was not most of these. I am kind, don’t like showing skin, love everything calm and black, am sensitive, care about what other people think, and am quickly flustered and embarrassed. I don’t like to show the real me either cause I don’t want to cry at school even though I am very severely hurt; I try not to show my pain either; I try to insist on doing what other people want to do or try to predict what they want to do so I don’t say what I want to do or seem selfish, I also like to stay in a dark spot In my bed/ and or room and listen to my calm aesthetic music, and I don’t want to think about being or looking “sexy” at all. You might be correct, but I am the opposite because I’m still a Scorpio.

  2. Oh, sure – I agree with your estimation. I am a Scorpio – but – I am just over 80, and you say “over 40.”
    I do not know about being sexy – but I just like MEN – friendly, polite young guys who give their seat on the bus, and then they go pink about the face –
    When I say, “ah, thank you, sweetheart,” Can that ever be sexy? I get very ill-tempered with twirps who consider the color of importance.

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