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Mastering Capricorn Style with These Looks

What’s in the stars for your style in 2018? The answer may lie in the zodiac.  capricorn

Whether you’re an independent, free-spirited Aquarius, a warm, loyal Leo, or an exotic, magnetic Scorpio, it’s interesting to see how your style preferences reflect your astrological sign. Here’s a fun look at my new 12-part series: How to Dress for Your Zodiac Sign. Today I’m starting with Capricornwomen born between December 22nd – January 20th.


Strong, intelligent, and ambitious, the Capricorn woman is firmly in the driver’s seat and knows exactly where she wants to go. She is a natural leader who knows how to keep her calm, stay strong in the face of adversity, and achieve what she sets out to do.

Famous Capricorn Women over 40


Diane Sawyer, Michelle Obama,  Diane Keaton, Gayle King

Capricorn Style

  • Effortlessly chic
  • Practical but not boring
  • Appreciates quality fabrics and accessories
  • Likes black and white, earthy shades, and appreciates a strong red

How to dress for your zodiac sign Capricorn


Casual Capricorn

Capricorns can cut to the chase by seeing things in black and white, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to style, black and white is a favorite color combination for them.

Versatile black joggers and a wear-with-anything comfy white sweatshirt are perfect for wherever a casual day may take them. I finished this unfussy look off with a cute-yet-practical cross-body and gorgeous pair of loafer mules.


How to dress like a Capricorn


Dressy Capricorn

A Capricorn woman is a no-nonsense gal who means business, so a sleek and sophisticated look for work or an evening out will appeal to them. Far from boring, the Capricorn woman is all class. Given her appreciation of quality and investment pieces, I’ve selected this gorgeous V-neck sheath. This is the type of quality basic, those things that always look current despite other trends coming and going and can be styled in many ways that every woman should think about.

I love the mulberry color; it’s an intense color, like the Capricorn woman herself. Paired with a neutral shoe, our Capricorn gal will look like she has legs that go on forever.

Are you a Capricorn? How do you dress?

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