How to Dress When You Have Short Arms

Whether you are all-over petite or it’s just your arms that are diminutive relative to the rest of your body, when your arms are short, finding the right tops that keep you from looking a little like a T-Rex can be somewhat of a challenge. Here are some ideas to help visually lengthen the look of your arms.

1.   Wear Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes visually lengthen and elongate,  making your arms appear longer than they are. Pop on a top with vertical stripes for an instant lengthening effect.

2.   Avoid Cuffs

Cuffs make long arms look shorter because the horizontal line created by the cuff creates a shortening effect. You want the opposite so whenever you can, wear shirts and blouses without a cuff.

3.   Show a Little Skin

Unlike your longer-armed sisters, bracelet sleeves were made for you! Ditto for three-quarter length sleeves. By hitting you just below the elbow but above the wrist, you trick the eye into thinking your arms are longer than they actually are.

4.  Wear Narrow Wrist Accessories

Wear a wide bracelet or watch and you’ll quickly use up the limited amount of arm real estate you have to play with. This is only going to create a shortening effect. Instead, opt for pretty and fine accessories for your wrists. Or skip them altogether.

5.  Don’t’ Forget about Your Bottom Half

Because your overall goal is to make your arms look proportionate with the rest of your body, wearing capris or cropped pants, particularly with some form of top with a cropped sleeve, for example, will make your long arms look longer.

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