What They Wore – Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Since everyone enjoyed my Mother of the Bride photos a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d post a few more!

Every time I advise women about what do wear when you are the Mother of the Bride or Groom, I remind them that next to the bride they are the most important women at the wedding and deserve to shine.

Whether you’re the MOB or MOB, you’ll find inspiration from this week’s readers who sent in these fabulous Wedding Day photos that show off what they wore.

mother of bride-laurie in gold sparkly gown with bride and bridesmaid

Golden Sparkle

Laurie had been searching for months looking for a gold dress to wear to her daughter’s July wedding. She finally found this gorgeous, embellished cold shoulder dress at Neiman Marcus. Formal and romantic, it was perfect for the church wedding and club reception.

As soon as Laurie put on the dress, she knew it couldn’t compare to anything else. Her daughter agreed! Laurie and everyone else looked so pretty!


mother of the bride Audrey wearing navy gown standing beside bride

Glam Gal

When Audrey’s beautiful daughter Caroline got married at the Milwaukee Art Museum this past October, Audrey chose this glamorous, dark navy gown with sparkle accents.  Both the bride and mother of the bride, looked stunning. The bridesmaids wore silvery-gray, and the MOG wore black.


mother of the bride wearing pewter lace gown standing with bride, groom, father of the bride

Gorgeous in Gray

Mary lost 20 pounds before the wedding and wanted a dress that would flatter her trim, new figure. So she chose a long gown that accentuated her best feature, her small waist, and that showed off her toned arms.

As for color, Mary had been leaning towards a navy, gray or silver-colored dress, since the groomsmen were wearing light gray and the bridesmaids were wearing dusty rose. She ended up choosing this rich pewter shade.

It was just luck that Mary found this dress at her first stop. She knew instantly it was the perfect color and silhouette. I must agree…she looked fabulous wearing this elegant lacy pewter dress with the delicate nude fabric underlay. Beautiful!

Next up… Mary’s son is getting married this summer, and she’s already started shopping around!


mother of the bride in orange and white colorblock gown standing beside bride and father of the bride

Modern Colorblock

For her daughter Lindsay’s summer wedding, Rita chose this vibrant coral colorblock gown with a pretty keyhole neckline. She got it online for a steal. It was only $29, although she did have to add a full slip underneath it and some gold buttons to the back.

In the church, Rita wore a beautiful shawl, which she removed at the reception. Her cheerful dress got a ton of compliments, and Rita was very pleased with her choice of dress for this happy occasion. I think she looks fantastic!

Now to some less recent photos, I’ve posted before, but you may not have seen. Take a look at more gorgeous Mother of the Brides!

light blue mother of the bride dresses

Dazzling in Ice Blue

It might have been an Autumn wedding, but you wouldn’t have known it from the Mother of the Bride Dress. For her eldest daughter’s special day, my reader Maryellen decided to forgo the typical orange/brown/burgundy fall palette and wear gorgeous ice blue. Maryellen (who was 53 at the time of the wedding) fell in love with this short, lacy sheath dress that sparkled like a jewel!

The dress was a big hit. Maryellen tells me that when her son walked her down the aisle, she heard someone utter, “Stunning!” She couldn’t have been more thrilled with her Mother of the Bride dress and her hair that day. Both she and her daughter looked like movie stars, and the pictures turned out great!

A touching side note – Maryellen’s daughter wore the same veil Maryellen wore 30 years before! How special!

pale blue mother of the bride outfits

Here’s a full-length look at Maryellen’s beautiful Mother of the Bride dress as she arrives at the wedding reception with her husband.

shop the look

navy blue dresses for mother of the bride

A Knockout in Navy

Now, here’s an interesting twist on being the Mother of the Bride. A few years ago Susan, the blogger known as The Midlife Fashionista, had the distinct honor of being both the Mother of the Bride and the Matron of Honor at her daughter’s wedding!  Talk about playing an important role in the wedding!!

For this once in a lifetime event, Susan chose an elegant, navy, cocktail length dress. The dress featured a sparkly skirt and flattering V-neck top. Pretty navy shoes with satin bows added a romantic touch. Susan says she chose this particular dress so she would match the bridesmaids, but still look age appropriate. Both mom and daughter look gorgeous!

classy mother of the bride dresses

Classy and Timeless

So many moms, so many beautiful Mother of the Bride and Groom dresses. Here are a few dresses that were well thought out. They’re all so classy and timeless that these precious photos will never look dated.

Top left: This is my reader Diane Pechacek from Auburn, WI. Doesn’t she look pretty in this pale pink, layered chiffon sheath?

Top Right: Meet Sheri Johnson from Inman, SC, who loved “rocking the red dress.” (51 at the time of this photo). Sheri tells me that she read that red is not an appropriate color for the mother of the bride but wore red anyway because she feels rules are meant to be broken.  She loved her dress, and her daughter did too!

Bottom Left: This is Donna Hutchenson from New Jersey, a vision of loveliness in an elegant wine-colored one shoulder dress with ruching.

Bottom Right: Meet Bobbie Rhodes from Godfrey Illinois ( 55 at the time of this photo), who is looking very feminine and beautiful in blue at her son’s outdoor wedding.

Thanks to all the moms who sent in photos. If you want to be a part of our next Mother of the Bride/Groom round-up, please send a high-quality shot that shows off your dress. I’m sorry, but I cannot publish blurry or poorly lit photos. Email me at info@fabulousafter40.com and be my next Mother of the Bride/Groom Style Star!


Need more ideas about what to wear as Mother of the Bride or Groom. Pick up a copy of my bestselling book Tweak Your Chic – Mother of the Bride. It will tell you everything you need to know on one of the most important and cherished days of your life.

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