12 Easy Ways To Hide Your Tummy

“When did this happen?”  

Do your pants suddenly feel tight? Is your tummy turning to jello? Blame it on the holidays or just that annoying middle age spread that is starting to creep in. Sure a better diet and the gym can help, but most times it’s hard to get totally rid of a muffin top.

Not to worry. Here are ten great tips on how to dress to hide your stomach.

1. Avoid Tight Clothing and Baggy Clothing

Most women realize that a clingy top only accentuates a big tummy, but will  a large, loose top hide a big belly? The answer is suprisingly, no.  A big, shapeless top will appear loose and baggy and exaggerate your overall size. The key to getting it right is to find a top that fits in the chest and arms and gently skims over your tummy without being tight. Clothes with a bit of built-in stretch will help you get a better shape.



2. Draping and Ruching are Your Friends

Soft clothes that drape are a gentle way to disguise extra weight in the tummy area. Ruching (when the fabric is gathered and sewn down) also works well. Just make sure the ruching is subtle. Too much gathered fabric at your tummy make it look like you are wearing a curtain and add bulk.


3. Don’t Tuck in

Tucking your top into your pants will accentuate your pot belly and is not flattering.  Leave your top tucked out or if it is making your torso look too long, try a half tuck.

4. Don’t Wear a Belt

Wearing a belt is like drawing a circle around your widest point. Stay clear.

5. Draw the Eye Upwards

If you don’t want people looking down at your tummy, redirect their gaze to your neckline and face by wearing the right top.  V-necks tops, or tops that have embellishment or some kind of interesting  detail at the neckline are a great way to distract. A beautiful necklace also works really well to put the focus up top.

6. Try a Tunic and Leggings

A dark pair of leggings worn with a long, flowing tunic that covers your bottom will put the spotlight on your legs and give you a slimming silhouette. Asymmetrical tunics work particularly well to trick the eye and divert it the tummy.

7. Opt for layers with Long, Thin Fabrics

Thin layers are another good way to distract. For example, a long tee under a longer cardigan works well. It will create the illusion that you are taller than you are.

8. A Fitted Jacket is a Simple, Easy solution

A single-breasted jacket that nips in at the waist will carve out a better figure. Be sure to wear it open.

9. Wear a Good Bra

When your breasts are hanging low and your tummy is sitting high, you get something in the middle that resembles a big blob. Hike up the girls with a good bra to leave some space between your breasts and your tummy, and see what a huge difference this makes.

10. Monochromatic colors minimize a tummy

Stick to one tone from head to toe and then add a jacket or lightweight cover up with a pop of color. Slimming!

Stick to one dark color from head to toe and then add a long vest, or jacket in a pop of color – Slimming!

11. Avoid Pleats 

Pants or skirts with Pleats, buttons, belt loops or any waist detail only add to the bulk at the tummy. Your best best is a flat front skirt or pants with a wide waistband and no zipper.

12. Try a Long Vest or Sweater Coat

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8 thoughts on “12 Easy Ways To Hide Your Tummy

  1. I like to use the column dressing technique to hide my tummy. I also have a large bust so there is another thing to deal with! Luckily I’ve figured out what items look good and I actually feel it has more to do with the fabric. It’s so important that it skims without clinging and without billowing out.


  2. I have to say, I don’t think the featured dress is very flattering to the model. With the solid overall pattern (nothing to draw the eye), elbow-length sleeves and wrap belt, both of which focus the eye on the waist level, this dress just makes her look like a big rectangle. (Draw an outline around her and you’ll see what I mean.) With her nice legs, she would have been much better in something like leggings with a tunic-length top (or two long tops layered, as you suggest). But I appreciate other people may like this look.

    1. Hi, you might try going on a low phosphorus diet. This can help you lose belly fat. Its a bit spartan, but has worked for my mom. You could try it for a week or two and see if you lose any weight or inches.

      To start with, you should get a product called CALM from the health food store. It is magnesium citrate in a powdered form (which makes it magnesium carbonate) and take about 1/2 tsp of this before you eat (this product helps to bind excess phosphorus. Excess phosphorus in the diet greatly contributes to belly fat) Magnesium is very important in weight loss because it helps the body better absorb nutrients from food and that helps the metabolism.

      And for this diet, you eat: Lean meat and steak (which is high in phosphorus, but “pays for itself” aka helps with metabolism since it is so high in amino acids and B6. You eat 2-4 oz per day.

      Eat the meat (buffalo is best / highest in amino acids, and leanest) or use lean beef and eat it with steamed or baked potatoes. (This is important, you should not eat any grains. The only starch you should have is potatoes and a bit of fruit in the am)

      On the potatoes you should only use salt (avoid any sauces or creams) and the fat/oil you should put on them is organic coconut oil (Coconut oil is very high in lauric acid and that stimulates and speeds up metabolism) (Avoid all butter and margarine and vegetable oils as they deplete B6 which will slow the metabolism). for the baked potatoes you slather them with organic olive oil and salt before baking them for 1 hr at 400 degrees, then after if you need more fat for taste, put more olive oil or coconut oil on them.

      Then have a romaine lettuce salad with (organic romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado) with just organic olive oil and Baleine sea salt on it (NO vinegar, just the oil)

      As far as beverages, drink only water, but you can have Odwalla Orange Juice sparingly

      As far as fruits to eat: bananas (eat for snacks), blueberries, mangoes, oranges, grapefruits, raspberries.

      As far as veggies: zucchini and squash (Avoid broccoli, kale, cauliflower or any other high oxalic acid veggie. Oxalic acid is toxic and uses up B6 to be converted into a non toxic form. Fat gain is associated with B6 depletion since B6 helps the body convert food into energy. If you are short of B6, food will not be converted to energy and it will be stored as fat, and since you are not converting food to energy, you will not have energy and you will feel more hungry and want to eat more as well.)

      It is best to just get your B6 from foods high in B6 like lean beef/ buffalo, potatoes, bananas, and not supplementation (many people who gain weight have B complex absorption metabolization issues and supplementing can also cause problems) (basically people who get deficient in B6 do so because of an absorption issue, so if you supplement, you might not be able to absorb the vitamins anyway, so the best thing to do is eat in such a way that you do not use up your B6)

      And this way is by eating a mostly low phosphorus diet (phosphorus metabolism uses up B6) and avoiding foods high in oxalic acid (that uses up B6). Avoid waiting too long to eat (that uses up B6) and avoid long chain saturated fatty acids like butter and extra fatty meats (metabolizing these big fat molecules uses up B6) Eating coconut oil, which is also a saturated fat, will not do this, because it is a much smaller saturated fat molecule and so does not use up B6 in being metabolized.

      Another good thing to do to help keep up B6 stores, is also take “Mega Mag” which is made by Trace Minerals Research. It is a very well absorbed ionic liquid magnesium chloride. It is a liquid in a blue bottle and it will help the body to increase its absorption of B vitamins (which included B6) from foods.

      This product comes with a dropper and it is good to start with about 1/2ml per day which is marked on the dropper. 1/2 ml or 1/2 dropperfull is equal to 50 milligrams. (the usrda for magnesium is 400mg per day, but it works best if you work your way up to that amount because if you start with too much too soon, it can cause loose stools. If you are, however, having constipation issues (which are an indication of too much calcium in your diet), this can help.

      This Mega Mag, being a liquid mineral, tastes bad, so I take it in a shot glass with some Odwalla Orange Juice and just “shoot it back”. At any rate, I got my mom to do this diet and she lost about 12 pounds and she would have kept losing, but she is not so good at staying on any diets. It should be noted that, other than the meat, you don’t have to restrict the portions of the potatoes or veggies or salad or fruit or olive oil or coconut oil.

      This is a diet to increase your metabolism so you burn off your fat. This diet increases metabolism by building up your B vitamin, B6 and magnesium stores. Magnesium and the B vitamins, esp. B6 Folate and B12 help speed up the metabolism. Coconut oil helps speed up the metabolism through its high levels of lauric acid and it is suggested to eat at least 2 Tbsp of coconut oil per day.

      It is important to note that the middle age spread occurs close to menopause and this is because when women are menstruating, they get rid of excess phosphorus through their menstrual blood. When this process stops or is starting to slow down, less phosphorus is excreted through menstrual blood and then this taxes the body’s B6 stores, since it takes B6 to break down phosphorus so it can be excreted through the kidneys. Also around this time, estrogen levels drop and estrogen also helps deplete and break down phosphorus. So to counteract this, you can take that CALM magnesium carbonate, because it binds to phosphorus in the gut and prevents the body from absorbing it.

      If you keep your phosphorus levels down, you will find that your stomach will get smaller and you will have less menopause symptoms. You will have less moodiness and less hot flashes etc.

      I am 52, and I have a slim waist (26″) and I do not get hot flashes at all. I used to get them til I figured out about this low phosphorus eating ( I started to notice that I would get really bad hot flashes if I had a soda / sodas are very high in phosphorus) and then I really started to pay attention to my eating and see what triggered them and then the connection between all the foods that triggered my symptoms (hot flashes, bad fibromyalgia pain) were foods high in phosphorus.

      At any rate, this may or may not work for you. I always say the proof is in the pudding. Eating lean meat (ground beef, ground buffalo, steak) and organic potatoes with organic coconut oil on them with a romaine lettuce salad with avocado and tomatoes and just organic olive oil for two meals a day

      and for breakfast eat fruits and then wait a few minutes and have a little meat and potato and for snacks have bananas and walnuts and almonds, all while using the CALM and the Mega Mag will not kill you and its not a diet I don’t think any doctor would have a problem with, and because this diet is so nutritious you can eat as much as you want and not have to measure it because when you eat food that is very nutrifying, you do not tend to overeat.

      At any rate, try it and let me know how it works for you. When my mom was doing it, she went from 156 to 137 and lost 2 pant sizes, (basically she was losing about 3lbs per week) but my mom got tired of not being able to eat grains and wants to lose weight without doing any form of diet, so she is now back up to 140, and the with higher phosphorus foods, the weight goes on more quickly than it comes off, so hopefully my mom will go back to this way of eating and get down to her goal of 135.

      After you get down to your goal, you can fudge a little and keep at a safe weight and that means eat things off the diet every third day and the other two days eat on the diet, but until you get to the weight/size you want to be, it is best to stay on the diet. Yes, it is limited, but I like it because you don’t have to measure your food and you can eat as much of these low phosphorus foods as you like.

      How the phosphorus causes belly fat is, it depletes B6, so metabolism goes down and hunger goes up, so appetite is increased, and also excess phosphorus pulls excess calcium into non bone cells, which is dangerous for the heart, so in protection the body makes a fat storage area on the stomach where the excess phosphorus and calcium can be stored so it stays out of the heart, but eventually it starts showing up in the heart as well and this is the reason why a large apple belly is an indicator of impending heart disease, because it is actually an indicator of B6 deficiency which causes phosphorus build up which causes calcium buildup. Sort of like having a storage shed that keeps having more and more stuff stored in it and that would be an indication of impending doom for anything close to the storage shed for when the time comes that the storage shed gets so filled up that it overflows and the stuff then starts building up in the engine room (the heart) which eventually impairs the engine from working.

      At any rate, try this low phosphorus diet and let me know how it works out for you.

      PS: high phosphorus foods to avoid are: All coffee, black tea, green tea, all sodas(esp colas and Dr. Pepper), (avoid diet sodas they are very toxic) and avoid seltzer and sparkling water (high in phosphorus),

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