How to Look Casually Chic in an Animal Print Jacket

Animal Prints are on the prowl this fall, and the nice thing about them is they can make any outfit look as wild or as tame as you want. For example, some gals love to wear many leopards for a bold, edgy look, while others prefer just a small pop of one big cat print.

cheetah jacket

Today I’m excited to partner with Chico’s to show how I like to wear animal print. Check out this style recipe for a casually chic animal print look.

cheetah jacket and sneakers

Chico’s has always had a soft spot for exotic animal prints, so it’s no wonder that this fall, they have some of the best-looking pieces you will find anywhere. I fell in love with this darling cropped cheetah print trench coat, which is perfect for this time of year.

trenchcoat- cheetah

There are so many great things about this jacket, with the first being the fabulous fit. A well-tailored animal print jacket like this makes it easy for even a conservative dresser to experiment with the animal print trend. This perky trench is totally classic, but with a twist- the twist being the fun print!

Quilted wallet - Chanel style

A belted jacket like this nips you in at the waist and gives you a very flattering silhouette. It also has beautiful piping at the chest, pocket, and cuffs, elevating the look and giving this jacket a very sophisticated vibe.

cheetah coat walking dog

My style rests more on the elegant side, and my lifestyle is casual, so I have chosen to style this beautiful jacket in a casually chic way.

animal print coatWhat I’ve done is created a column of color under my jacket. I paired the comfiest, black front twist tee with Chico’s jet black Jeggings for a head-to-toe black look that makes me look long and lean.

black outfit with cheetah jacket

Black doesn’t reflect light, so it naturally makes you look thinner, and when worn from top to bottom, you get an unbroken line that draws the eye up and down and makes you look taller too!

leopard jacket with black jeans

When you pop the cheetah jacket over top of the all-black outfit, you get that wow factor. The black is like a painter’s canvas, and the statement jacket is like a work of art.  When you leave the jacket open, your figure looks even sleeker because of the contrast of the print alongside the long tall, dark column of color.

It’s that simple. Stars use this style trick all the time to look like a million bucks. You know what they say… less is more, and I have to agree.

Chico’s has one of the best selections of accessories around, and I found this cute studded, Chanel-style wallet to go with the jacket. It adds some glam, like the gorgeous necklace does, but it doesn’t make the outfit look too busy.  I live in sneakers, and here I’ve kept mine plain black with a touch of gold to pick up on the beautiful necklace, earrings, and wallet. Fabulous outfit, isn’t it?

leopard bag

If you’d prefer to start with a less animal print, and work your way up, here’s another idea. Just wear your all-black outfit, black shoes included ( or you can wear leopard flats as I have), and then add this cool animal print handbag. This bag makes the black outfit look stunning. Black and leopard print is always so chic!

This coat is a fabulous find, and I’m sure it will sell out fast. It’s the perfect transitional coat for now and in the spring, plus it’s very lightweight for travel.

leopard print jacket and clutch

To shop my casually chic animal print outfit, click the photo icons above. Also, be sure to check out all the fun animal print clothes and accessories at Chico’s.  Remember that saying, “Put a tiger in your tank”? Well, I have a Cheetah in my closet this fall, and that’s way more exciting!

Thanks, Chico’s, for sponsoring this post!


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4 thoughts on “How to Look Casually Chic in an Animal Print Jacket

  1. Loved the way you wore animal print in so many different styles. All your ideas were really inspiring. Now I myself feel like trying some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had a jacket just like the one you are modeling years ago and donated it. I can kick myself for doing that now. Shows you what is old is new again. You look fabulous in that jacket.

  3. Loving the animal print look and how you show us how to wear it in different ways that looks so classy! I love your posts and ideas!

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