15 Instagram Beauties With Long Gray Hair

A while back, I posted inspiring photos of 40 and 50+ bloggers with long, flowing manes. Everyone loved them, and a few of you wrote in to ask, ” Where are the Silver Haired lovelies?”

Today I bring you 15 beautiful gray-haired Instagrammers who celebrate being a Silver Fox.



Yazmeenah Rossi is a 60-year-old model who was born in France and lives in Malibu. Her waist-length silver hair is her trademark and part of what has made her an Instagram star! Yazemennah started going gray at age 11. She has never tried to cover it and went white 10 years ago.

She believes in natural beauty products and keeps her hair shiny and sleek using organic shampoos. She also a fan of letting her long full head of fabulous hair dry naturally.



Teresa, 50+ from New Mexico,  loves sparkles, fitness, family, and faith. Her sensational silvers locks are stunning and look beautiful with a swipe of pretty pink lipstick.



Hilary is a Florida model who probably looks familiar because she has appeared in so many ads and shows. Hillary encourages women to choose the sterling silver path as she has done. She swears You’ll never look back!



Who says long gray hair can’t look cute and fun? Just look at Elisa’s sweet mane of salt and pepper hair!  Don’t you love her feathery bangs, and how they accent her beautiful cheekbones and friendly face?



A health challenge prompted Nena to go for the gray. After losing her hair to breast cancer in 2015, Nena decided to embrace her new gray growth rather than cover it up. She let it grow out in its natural state, and the result was a gorgeous new look!


It’s been 12 years since Lynnie used any kind of hair dye, and she couldn’t be happier. She’s proud of her grays and loves inspiring others to embrace theirs too. In this photo, Lynnie is wearing her hair in loose waves, but don’t be surprised to see her in dead straight hair too. With her pretty face and blue-gray eyes, she can wear it any way she wants.


Here’s an exciting twist on a gray hair look. Tracy is in her gray transition stage at the moment. Her last dye job was January 2020, so she’s on her way to silver fox status. In the meantime, she’s sporting an exciting mix of black/gray cornrow braids that is very creative and cool looking!



Armelle is a stunning Parisian silver hair model with a gorgeous glow that draws you in.  She believes less is more and prefers minimal hair and makeup for a chic silver fox look.



Mireya looks fresh and natural in wavy long silver hair that has life and energy.  Her natural tips add dimension, and the softness around her face flatters her features. She’s a natural beauty who sticks to a makeup regime of mascara and lipgloss, and it definitely agrees with her. ( More long curly gray styles here)



Carole is a mother of four living in Toulouse, France, whose beautiful poker-straight silver hair has gone un-dyed since February 2018. It’s not often you see great hair in such excellent condition – so smoothly, shiny, and super chic!



Vickie is a mom, actress, and model with a passion for gray hair.  She’s also a Brand Ambassador for a documentary called Gray is the New Blonde, which highlights women across the world who have chosen to forgo dye jobs and embrace their gray hair. It sounds like an award-winning film to me!



Lisa is a 58-year-old influencer known as the silver stylist. Her full, long gray locks are the stuff dreams are made of! If she’s not a silver hair model, she should be!


Caroline is a 55-year-old grey hair ambassador inspiring you to be your best self. This model, runner, public speaker, loves motivating women our age to embrace our flaws as well as our strengths. Her stunning hair with the prettiest gray silver highlights frames her pretty face and is her crowning glory.



When you are an actress, singer, dancer, presenter, teacher, trainer, author, and speaker, you need to command attention. Such is the case with Donna, who turns heads with her artsy gray dreadlocks!  They’re fun, creative and grab your attention! 


Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get your nerve up to go gray. Mitzi tried going gray for a long time and did try it, but gave in and went back to coloring it once again. Then a year ago, she decided to try it again, and it stuck.

Mitzie says she enjoys seeing the grays come, and hs finally made it past the hard part. Now, there’s no turning back!

That’s just a few of the beautiful women over 40, 50 and 60 with long gray hair. You’ll find a few more silver-haired beauties here.  Do you have long gray hair you want to show off? Send me a picture, and I may post it. Email

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8 thoughts on “15 Instagram Beauties With Long Gray Hair

  1. Everyone those women pictured are stunning beauties!!!!
    I’am a long grey hair my self. I love my hair just the way it is. No regrets so ever.

  2. All of these women are gorgeous! I embraced my silver(again) nearly 2 years ago and I love it. No turning back this time.

  3. Interesting to stumble across all these gray beauties. I started pulling gray hairs out at age 22. I decided to stop coloring 14 years ago at age 50 with the prompting of my hair dresser. I am interested in styling products that won’t yellow my bright whites, and finding my perfect style!!

  4. I love this article. I, too, grayed early,16. I stopped coloring my hair after my youngest child was born. I’m so happy today at 62, women are being celebrated for being naturally beautiful, just the way they are. I have a Pinterest Tulifts, and I write a blog I’d love to be featured as one of your loving your gray-haired ladies!!!

  5. I loved seeing these women who have kept their long hair , I’m 48 (the new 28😁) and love haveing longer hair and I feel absolutely better at 48 then I did in my 30s although it’s because what’s inside thats important but looking good also helps

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