How to Style a Long Brown Cardigan

Grandpa cardigans can be a frumpy nightmare, or can look quite chic. Here’s a long brown cardigan I just bought with tips on how I styled it to look modern, feminine and stylish.

1. Don’t Go Too Oversize

A Grandpa Cardigan is supposed to look a little oversized like it has been borrowed from Grandpa’s closet, but you don’t want it to look too big, loose or sloppy.  I chose this one because it is more streamlined than some. I was careful to buy the right size so I didn’t end up looking dowdy.  This sweater also happens to be cotton which makes it a little less bulky, and more feminine too, which I really like too.

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2. Keep it Slim Underneath

If you want a more streamlined look with a grandpa cardigan you need to keep what you are wearing under your cardigan light, thin and close to the body. For example, I’m wearing skinny jeans, not wide leg jeans with my long brown cardigan. I’ve also paired it with a thin, lightweight blouse, not a thick, heavy sweater.

3. Choose a Feminine Top

I like feminine clothes and love the juxtaposition of a  feminine top worn with a masculine grandpa sweater. This pretty blouse is just right – not too fussy, but not masculine either. It strikes the perfect balance.

4. Print/Color Makes it Modern

One of the reasons I bought this particular long brown cardigan is I fell in love with the color. It’s the most gorgeous light golden brown and it reminds me of acorns and cattails. I think a fresh, trendy color like this or a beautiful print like the one in my blouse goes a long way in making a grandpa sweater look chic.

5. Mules Look Chic

Mules are trending this fall, and these pointy suede ones give my cozy, long, brown sweater a very sophisticated look.




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There are lots of ways to style a long brown sweater like this, but this is an elegant, feminine way to do it. If you want to shop my look, click the links above!

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