How to Style a Long Brown Grandpa Cardigan

Grandpa cardigans can be a frumpy nightmare or can look quite chic. Here’s a long brown cardigan I just bought with tips on styling it to look modern, feminine, and stylish.

1. Don’t Go Too Oversize

A Grandpa Cardigan is supposed to look a little oversized like it has been borrowed from Grandpa’s closet, but you don’t want it to look too big, loose, or sloppy.  I chose this one because it is more streamlined than some long cardigans. I was careful to buy the right size, so I didn’t end up looking dowdy.  This sweater also happens to be cotton, which makes it a little less bulky and more feminine, which I really like.

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2. Keep it Slim Underneath

Suppose you want a more streamlined look with a grandpa cardigan; you need to keep what you wear under your cardigan light, thin, and close to the body. For example, I’m wearing skinny jeans, not wide-leg jeans, with my long brown cardigan. I’ve also paired it with a thin, lightweight blouse, not a thick, heavy sweater.

3. Choose a Feminine Top

I like feminine clothes and love the juxtaposition of a  feminine top worn with a masculine grandpa sweater. This pretty blouse is just right – not too fussy, but not masculine either. It strikes the perfect balance.

4. Print/Color Makes it Modern

One of the reasons I bought this particular long brown cardigan is I fell in love with the color. It’s the gorgeous light golden brown, and it reminds me of acorns and cattails. I think a fresh, trendy color like this or a beautiful print like the one in my blouse goes a long way in making a grandpa sweater look chic.

5. Mules Look Chic

Mules are trending this fall, and these pointy suede ones give my cozy, long, brown sweater a sophisticated look.




There are lots of ways to style a long brown sweater like this, but this is an elegant, feminine way to do it.

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