How to Style a Pink Tweed Jacket with Jeans

Pink is the color of the season and nothing up levels a pair of jeans better than a cute pink tweed jacket. I’m partnering with Talbots to bring you this new, popular jacket and an idea for what to wear it with!

pink tweed jacket

1. Choose a Cropped Jacket

Pink tweed jackets come in many styles, but it’s the cropped ones that are trending this spring. This darling pink tweed jacket has a cropped, boxy cut and ends at the top of the hip. The sleeves are also cropped to a 3/4 length, but they don’t give the jacket a shrunken look. Instead, it looks elegant and sporty. I also found a similar lavender cropped jacket here.

pink cropped tweed jacket

C'est La Vie Sweater

2. Decide on a Color Scheme

Pink is very feminine, and you may feel that too much pink comes across as too girly for your liking, especially as a mature woman. One idea is to choose a pink, black and white color scheme to keep the look sophisticated. Here, I’ve paired this beautiful pink jacket with a very cute, embroidered black sweater and a pair of white jeans. It’s spring-like, and a chic color mix!

pink tweed jacket white jeans

3. Pair with Jeans that Flatter

One of the reasons cropped jackets are in style is because high-waisted pants are in style. It’s a perfect duo. I wanted a casual look, so I’m wearing skinny white jeans, but you could also wear straight-leg white jeans, bootcut or flare. They all work with this cropped style.

talbots pink jacket

4. Have Fun with the French Vibe

The jacket is gorgeous, but I think this cute, embroidered  “C’est La Vie”  sweater says makes this outfit. It’s whimsical and fun and lets the world know you are having a good time! I like combing something so lighthearted and fun with something more serious and classic like this jacket. It’s a modern way to style something.

embroidered sweater

Talbot pink tweed jacket

4. Pay Attention to Detail

This is a casual, but very pulled-together look, and it’s the accessories that add the polish. These cute, black suede loafers and beautiful Dean Davidson gold flow huggie earrings and mixed metal bracelet uplevel this outfit.

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