Faux fur Vests- How to Style them

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9 thoughts on “Faux fur Vests- How to Style them

    1. Hi Laurie,
      Julie purchased her dress from The brand is Chica. However, she bought it over a year ago. If you can’t find it on Modcloth, you can always try a Google search of the term “Chica dresses” or look on eBay.

  1. PS I think the high-low top is maybe even a bit harder to pull off- is it high due to our fuller fronts? I will be skipping the tops in this look- not sure how anyone except skinny types can pull off a top with this dramatic look (no preg issues at our age, at least…)

  2. Please share Rebecca’s blog information. I have just found your site, and I love it! I am the owner of an online boutique and would love to share information about your site with many women. Our site caters to youthful customers; when women think they can’t wear our clothing because they are over 40, I want them to have resources supporting their style. I love how Rebecca looks in this chevron skirt and her youthful look, even at 48. Thanks so much for allowing me to post, and thanks in advance for your help. Keep up the great work! It is a mission.

  3. I think the high low works for better everyone if it frames the most narrow part of the calf- just as any hem would- but it is more critical since the low back hem prepares your calf more than a swirling even hem would- noted that even skinny 20-something singer on July 4th particular looked calf heavy due to it hitting in the wrong place…

  4. I love the look! She looks fabulous!! Her dress, the way she accessorized, everything looks great!! Just cut that tag out of the dress. . .

  5. She Rocked It!!!!! She is not trying to look too young but has great style. I would love to have Rebecca as my go-to stylist.

  6. Rebecca IS pretty in her high/low maxi dress. But it perfectly illustrates my comment from the first post on this topic. It just looks like a dress that could not decide what it wanted to be. She is not a fan of the look, even though she has pulled it off better than most.

    1. Hi Wanda, I think this dress is for women with a dramatic streak. Personality has so much to do with how one dresses, and if you are dressing authentically, you will look good in this type of dress.

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