Faux Fur Vests Styled by 40+ Instagrammers

What’s an easy way to make a casual outfit look a little more stylish and fun? These popular 40+  Instagrammers say you just need to add a faux fur vest. Here’s a look at the many types out there, plus some tips on how to style a faux fur vest to look fabulous at any age.

pink and black faux fur vest


This two-tone faux fur vest vest is as pretty as a sunset. Paired with leather pants it looks super classy and a little edgy.



Most people think of pants when trying to figure out what to wear with a faux fur vest. Patrizia had the great idea to wear hers with this sleek black dress. By adding some cute boots and a chic clutch, she has transformed an everyday staple into a sophisticated outfit.



Rosa Mari is a style blogger from Madrid, who has created a stunning monochromatic look using different textures. Her all-gray ensemble combines faux fur, a cable knit sweater, leather and cotton hat.juliahvalois-furvest


Funky is the word that best describes Julia’s cool, street chic look. Her shaggy navy vest just goes to show you that a little color can be fun and modern.


The furrier the better according to this daring style blogger who white faux fur vest makes her look as cozy as a polar bear.


At 80+ Dorrie, a top fashion blogger, shows us that you can rock a faux fur vest at any age.

gray faux fur vest


Shaggy and chic, this ombré gray vest has a cool boho vibe.


Barb looks red hot in a wine colored zip faux fur vest that is festive and fun.

patterned faux fur vest


Pattern faux fur vests are few and far between so if you can find a beautiful one like Conny has, be sure to snatch it up.



Carol comes alive in this gorgeous gray vest and rich turtleneck. I love the way the silver pendant adds a touch of sparkle and makes the vest pop.


The 70’s are reborn as this Instagrammer channels hippie chic in a shaggy dusty pink faux fur vest and flare jeans.

striped faux fur vest


A rainbow of colors look wild and wonderful against a basic white shirt and distressed jeans.

The fluffier, the better is what this Cologne Instagrammer seems to be saying. The style queen takes us on a wild ride in a stunning vest in this years’ most popular color – Green!



Long and classic is how Terri likes to wear her faux fur vest. And she’s thrown in some leopard booties just for fun!


Pure glam is the only way to describe this luxe fur vest that looks so warm and cozy.



Instagrammer Shonte is looking foxy in this rich brown faux fur vest that she has also paired with leopard.

Want to see more? Check out these other ways to wear a faux fur vest.

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9 thoughts on “Faux Fur Vests Styled by 40+ Instagrammers

    1. Hi Laurie,
      Julie purchased her dress from The brand is Chica. However, she purchased it over a year ago. If you can’t find it on Modcloth, you can always try a Google search of the term “Chica dresses” or look on eBay.

  1. PS I think the high-low top is maybe even a bit harder to pull off- is it high due our fuller fronts? I will be skipping the tops in this look- not sure how anyone except skinny types can pull off a top with this dramatic look (no preg issues at our age at least…)

  2. Please share Rebecca’s blog information. I have just found your site, and I love it! I am the owner of an online boutique and would love to share information about your site to many women. Our site currently caters to a youthful customer, when women think they can’t wear our clothing because they are over 40, I want them to have resources that support their own personal style. I love how Rebecca looks in this chevron skirt and her youthful look, even at 48. Thanks so much for allowing me to post, and thanks in advance for your help. Keep up the great work! It is a mission.

  3. I think the high low works for better everyone if it frames the most narrow part of the calf- just as any hem would- but it more important since the low back hem frames your calf more than a swirling even hem would- noted that even skinny 20-something singer on July 4th special looked calf heavy due to it hitting in wrong place…

  4. I love the look! She looks fabulous!! Her dress, the way she accessorized, everything looks great!! Just cut that tag out of the dress. . .

  5. She Rocked It!!!!! She is not trying to look too young, but has great style. I would love to have Rebecca as my go to stylist.

  6. Rebecca IS pretty in her high/low maxi dress. But it perfectly illustrates my comment from the first post on this topic. It just looks like a dress that could not make up its mind what it wanted to be. Not a fan of the look at all, even though she has pulled it off better than most.

    1. Hi Wanda, I think this kind of dress is for women who have a bit of a dramatic streak. Personality as so much to do with the way one dresses and if you are dressing authentically you will look good in this type of dress.