How to Wear Loafer Mules

Today, I’m talking about Loafer Mules, the exciting new shoe that’s a no-brainer for us 40+ gals. After years of wearing high heels, it’s a thrill to find a shoe that gives my feet a break and checks all the boxes: comfy, simple to slip on, and makes me look stylish, even when I’m just running out to the grocery store. How many shoes can say that for themselves?

If you look at Loafer Mules’ likes but aren’t sure what to wear them with, here are a few ideas.


Black Jumpsuit Black Mules


1. Wear Loafer Mules with Cropped Pants

Some of you have mentioned that you’d like to wear cropped trousers or culottes, but heels are out, and flats look too frumpy. I certainly know what you mean, and I’m happy to report that loafer mules are a way around this problem.

The lovely low heel on these elegant suede and pearl loafer mules gives you a bit of a lift and keeps your legs from looking stumpy when you are wearing wide-leg cropped pants. Not to mention, your feet will feel comfy and relaxed!

Dressy loafer mules like this pair above look easy and elegant with evening looks. Worn with a bit of bling and this gorgeous embroidered clutch, these rich jeweled loafer mules take this simple black jumpsuit to a whole new level.


Turtle Beck Sweater White Skinny Jeans Green Mules


2. Loafer Mules Make  Great Transitional Shoes

I’ve talked a lot about making the transition from one season to the next and how you can definitely wear white jeans after Labor Day. Now I want to add that a cute loafer mule can easily help you make that subtle style shift.

Since loafer mules are open at the back and expose your heels, they cover your toes in the front; they feel a bit like summer and a bit like fall. Just slip them on as the weather cools down, and kick them off when it gets too hot. Loafer mules are the perfect shoe when it doesn’t feel quite right to wear sandals, but booties feel too heavy.

Plaid Pants cheetah mules


3. Loafer Mules Complement a Polished Menswear-Inspired Look

Menswear-inspired looks are trending this fall and look chic in and out of the office. If you need a shoe to go along with a business-type outfit, but you don’t want it to look boring, then a loafer mule is a good choice. Choose a classic neutral-colored leather or suede pair that resembles your typical business loafer.

Or, be a little daring and kick things up a notch with these cool animal print mule loafers. I love the mix of pattern and print in the outfit above and think these fab loafer mules add a classy, modern vibe to any conservative menswear look.

Tie Sleeve Blouse Skinny Jeans Casual Nude Mules


4. Wear Loafer Mules to Dress up Jeans

If you’re like me, you never know where your weekend will take you. From shopping to running errands to getting together with friends for coffee, I need something easy, comfortable, and looks pulled-together enough for wherever I end up.

These cowboy-inspired loafer mules with the western braid trim are a creative alternative to western booties. Slip them on with a pair of jeans and a cute bell sleeve sweater, and you’re ready for anything. Don’t forget a cute tote!

What do you think of loafer mules? Some women are also styling them with midi skirts and even sheath dresses. How would you wear yours?

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  1. My 25-year-old daughter is my “self-appointed” fashion police, and she declares these shoes off-limits for me because she thinks they are ugly. I love them, and now I can show her these beautiful ways to wear them so she won’t freak out on me when I bring a new pair home- LOL.

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