How To Wear Long Hair After 40, 50

Long hair over 40- It’s aging, right? At least that’s what we’ve always been told. Check out these 40 and 50+ Instagrammers who dispel that myth that once you hit a certain age, it’s time for the chop.




Adrienne is a  lifestyle and travel blogger living in California’s picturesque wine country. Her soft, brown hair with sun-kissed highlights is in keeping with her natural, west coast lifestyle. Long hair also helps balance out her height, which is over 6 feet! You can read more about Adrienne in my Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer interview.




Susana is a Florida blogger and a Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer . Her style can be described as classic, preppy, and Miami meets Madrid.  Her sleek dark mane is perfectly polished, and she often wears it up in a chignon for a chic, high fashion look. The lesson here- a good cut and a rich color like Susana’s can add a lot of vibrancy and richness at any age.




Tina is a Danish tailor and nutritionist who has a passion for fashion and food over 40. Her light brown hair with strawberry highlights is in harmony with her delicate, peachy complexion. When your hair is as pretty as Tina’s why cut it?



Heather is a Dallas style blogger who you may have read about when I interviewed her for my Styleblazer series. Her gorgeous blonde mane is thick and full, a real bonus after 40 when hair begins to get scraggly. But what really makes Heather look fab is her modern styling. Love those soft, flowing waves!



Many women over 40 with long hair fall into a rut of wearing their hair the same old way, day in and day out. Mariana, a fashion stylist who helps you maximize your wardrobe on a budget, is also good at maximizing what you can be done with long hair. She’s pinned hers back for a fresh, easy look that shows off her pretty face and fab statement earrings.




The biggest obstacle to wearing your hair long past 40 is that as we age our faces lose fat and our hair thins. Long straight hair can drag your face down and make you look old. If you want to keep your hair long and avoid that drawn-out look, then the best thing to do is get a layered cut. Tracy, a  lifestyle blogger and mom to 5 daughters, has a modern layered cut that’s perfect for a midlife mama.  Her beautiful layers add volume and body and widen her face, giving her a fresh, youthful appearance.



Want to know one of the secrets for pulling off long hair after 40? Erin, a wardrobe stylist and mom from San Antonia, Texas has done a great job keeping her lovely locks looking soft, and shiny. Check out my interview with this fascinating Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.



Susan is a Boston, mid-50’s wardrobe stylist & social worker who is determined to do away with frumpy. One of the ways she’s accomplishing that is with a healthy dose of blonde highlights that add depth, character and a youthful touch to her long brown hair. No old lady, helmet-head hair color here! To find out more about Susan, check out her Styleblazer feature.




Nicole is an author, entrepreneur, trend spotter, traveler, mom to two. Her thick brown hair with the perky flip makes a lovely frame for her pretty face.




This Spanish Instagrammer has dedicated her account to women 45+ so they can celebrate themselves and enjoy each other. Followers are sure to be inspired by this Latin beauty’s smooth-as-silk tresses. A good blow dry goes a long way when your hair is past your shoulders, especially at midlife and beyond when hair typically starts to change texture and get a little frizzy.



Tanya is a Dallas, lifestyle blogger and fundraiser for good causes whose gorgeous, long blonde hair is her best accessory. Sexy! Find out more about this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer. Read my interview with Tanya.




Carrie is a blogger who is on a mission to help women own their individual style and express it through their wardrobe and life. She’s taking ownership of her style by wearing long hair after 40, and she’s looking great doing it!

Do you have long hair? Did you ever think about cutting it because you had reached a certain age? What stopped you? What about long gray hair over 40? t

What about long gray hair over 40? I have a great post on some beautiful Silver Foxes you’ll want to to read.

Do you think this reader should cut her hair? Join the long hair discussion.

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24 thoughts on “How To Wear Long Hair After 40, 50

  1. I love that we live in a time where any hair length at any age is a personal choice that should be respected and celebrated! I am 61 and my hair is longer now (just below my shoulders with long layers) then at any time in my life. I love being able to pull it back on humid days, curl it for fun, or just flat iron it. It’s so much more versatile than short hair. And mostly it just feels good for me to have longer hair.

  2. Too bad you didn’t feature diversity…There are many beautiful women of all races with beautiful hair in this world

  3. I have very long white/gray hair. I have considered cutting it since I am 59 years old. Each time I have mentioned it, people have freaked out and said, “no don’t cut it” I’m a little confused since strangers walk up to me and compliment my hair. Some have asked what dye I put in my hair. I usually just laugh and say, “color by God” The next question is generally to ask how old I am. I don’t mind that and I say that I will be 60 soon. I hear variations of not looking nearly that old and not to cut my hair. I guess it depends on the person and what they are comfortable with. I do take the hair from in front of both ears and braid it across the hairline above my brows. All the remaining 24 inch length is behind my ears.

  4. I am 54, tall and heavily built, and have very long hair. I have colour lowlights put through it to make it more shiny, It is the only money I spend on “vanity”. I look around at the women my age where I live, and they look like men, with short grey hair, no make-up and thick bodies. They are obviously happy with themselves, but I am not ready to look like a man yet.

  5. I am 46, and 2 years ago I decided to see how long my hair would grow… now, mind you, I’ve never had what I consider ‘long’ hair… mostly always a bob of some sort. So now it is below my shoulders, and I am loving it! I have considered going all natural-which is a mighty mix of grey and dark brown, but, I’m not quite ready… I am happy coloring it a dark rich tone of brown/caramel… But my hair stylist and I have discussed to transition already, it won’t be too much longer and I’ll be ready to ROCK the grey!! I love expressing myself through fashion and hair styles! My biggest challenge currently is the skin on my neck and décolleté (?) area…and upper body ‘rolls’… I’ve always been thin, but the body changes are vastly different!! Thanks for the style tips and tricks and celebrating how we can each express ourselves in modest and fun ways!

  6. I’m 65 and have a glorious mane of thick, gray VIRGIN hair that I can sit on. I would like to see pictures of women in their 50’s, 60, 70’s with long hair. Having great hair in your 40’s is no big deal, you haven’t even gone through the Hell that is menopause

    1. I Am Sure You Look Fabulous. Love And Blessings To You. Stay Healthy , Strong And Safe.
      Love From Niagara Falls , New York

  7. Disappointed that none of these women have the confidence to go with their “real” hair which would be some sprinkling of gray/silver. Fake colors are never attractive especially when your age/grace/ beauty is hidden behind false colors and fake highlights.

    1. Hi Teri,
      I’ve featured some grey haired women and they look lovely too. See Here:( I can’t agree with you that these women aren’t confident just because they color their hair. If they prefer it a different color, what’s wrong with that? You shouldn’t have to dress a certain way after 40, 50 or more, and I don’t think you have to have gray hair just because you are a certain age. It’s personal preference.I think they look great.Thanks for dropping by and voicing your opinion. Cheers, Deborah

  8. I would have enjoyed this post more had it been geared to 50 or 60+. There’s nothing amazing about a woman in her 40’s wearing longish hair. A typical woman in her 40’s doesn’t have lines or wrinkles or sagging skin to speak of so of course she’ll wear long hair and look lovely. The challenge comes when the hair turns grey and the face and neck features change due to aging. That would have made for a more interesting post.

  9. Oh yeah, I wanted to add this too:

    None of us are going to run around in mini skirts and midriff-baring shirts, nor are we going to embrace the same wardrobe our teenage daughters wear. Well, not entirely.

    You get ONE SHOT at this life… at least only one that we can remember. ENJOY IT. There is NO reason NOT to have fun with ‘younger’ styles as long as you wear them YOUR way, and not your teenager’s way. If you love your long hair, then keep it. If you LOVE that sparkly, shimmery eyeshadow, WEAR IT.

    Embrace being unique; an INDIVIDUAL. After being a hairsylist for nearly 20 years, I am floored by the number of people who ‘mainstream’ everything in their lives. What for? To ‘blend in’? Again I ask you, what for? If your friends aren’t going to like you or would talk about you and your choice of fun styles in a negative way, they aren’t your friends. Why be concerned with what everyone else thinks? If you are a moral, ethical, law-abiding person then don’t ever let society dictate anything to you.

    Two word mantra: ENJOY LIFE!! Its a gift. USE IT!!

  10. I’m a hairstylist, I’m 42, and my hair is in the middle of my back. I keep it red underneath, with a good mix of nearly-platnumn blonde/red around the lower sides and under my crown, and mostly just nearly-platnum blonde on the upper sides, crown and top. I have some natural curl/wave in my hair. I have had a few people tell me that now that I’m past 40 I should ‘consider a more mature hairstyle’. You know what I said about that? TRICK THAT!!! Age is a number. As long as you take care of your hair, get regular trims and keep your color up (if you color your hair), then ROCK IT!!

    Never EVER let anyone tell you that once you hit a certian age you have to ‘do’ something ‘more mature’. I still wear shimmer and sparkle in my makeup, and that I can forsee, will till the day I die. If no one likes it, they dont’ have to look at me.

    Remember ALWAYS that its not your age, its how you carry yourself!! Its your personality, and your inner youthfulness that matter.

    Love, Light and Laughter,
    Marquette in El Reno, Oklahoma

    1. Hi Marquette,
      Sounds like you have the confidence that you need to wear your hair in a youthful style. Since you are in the beauty industry, naturally it is important to express your creative sense of style and be yourself!
      I’m sure you are attracting clients that are looking to “spice” up their look and are coming to you for inspiration! Good for you for standing up for being authentic and having the courage not to listen to anyone and enjoying doing your own thing!

  11. I am turning 42 this year and I want a new hairstyle. My hair is to the top of my jeans and i have had it long for many years. I have it in a braid all the time and ideas ??? Thanks

  12. Here’s another rule that needs to be broken. A woman doesn’t have to have long hair to look beautiful anymore. Long is nice but women also look stunning with the new LA short pixie crop.

    1. I think a woman can wear her hair any way she likes it. If she likes long hair no matter what age she is , wear it long and yes she can have those”wings” as that is just layered. If she likes it short so be it. What length to wear your hair after a certain age is only contributing to ageism and women are contributing to this discrimination by some of these “rules” or suggestions. We have enough to combat with discrimination after 40 in all avenues of our lives. We don’t need to contribute to it. I personally would never wear my hair short simply because I don’t like short hair on myself. I don’t care how old I am in the decision on my length. I am not out to please other people at this age and I certainly don’t want to look like everyone else in a certain “age bracket”.

      1. Cynthia, I agree with you. I am also disappointed that there was no women of color . no Latinos, no Chinese, 1 Indian woman. so am disappointed. . women comes in all color.

        1. Hi June, I’m certainly for including everyone. I get my photos from Instagram, so if you come across an Instagrammer who is a woman of color with long hair, just let me know and I’m very happy to add them to the post!

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