The Silver Foxes of Instagram

My readers love to talk about Grey hair; whether you should keep coloring your hair or let your natural grey shine through? I think most of you would agree that it takes courage and perseverance to go completely grey, but it’s something a growing number of women are choosing to do… and they’re getting some beautiful results.

If you’ve been thinking of going grey and needing some inspiration, check out Instagram. Some of my favorite bloggers have liberated themselves from the dye bottle and couldn’t be happier.  I call these women the Silver Foxes of Instagram. Take a look.




This is not a blogger but a compilation of photos of bloggers and 40+ women who are embracing grey. Lots of inspiration here. A very cool feed!





Lisa Hale is a model/stylist with a signature look you won’t forget: thick, wavy grey hair, dark solid brows, and bold, red lips. Fab!





U.K. Instagrammer Shayne Brodie has pretty, long gray hair and a million-dollar smile that will knock your socks off!





Janis Lyn Johson has a timeless, understated style and classic long gray, making her a wholesome beauty.





Does Beth Djalali look familiar? Beth is one of my Styleblazers and continues to wow everyone with her chic, angled bob and classic, colorful style with a modern twist.





Creative and eccentric, Sarah James Adams makes for an interesting follow with over 62.5 k followers on Instagram.





Susan Street shows you how to dump the frump and embrace your grey.  Check out her Instagram and my Styleblazer interview with her.




On the way to grey? Check out this creative, curly-haired Instagrammer who combines art and style.




Her silver locks are modern and elegant. Meet another of one my Styleblazers, Josephine Lalwani.





Dramatic and edgy- That sums up Lyn Slater’s fabulous grey hair and high fashion style. Don’t miss my Styleblazer interview, The Accidental Icon.  




Hat’s off to a lady who made the transition from red to grey and blogged about it. Please scroll down on her Instagram feed to see her before and afters, and check out my Styleblazer with Judith Boyd.





Fit, healthy, stunning. That’s Instagrammer Hillary B. She has long, grey hair that many of my readers lust after.


@ _honeygood

This hip Grandma with the Hollywood silver locks can wear her hair up in a classic chignon or down in a classic bob and always looks ultra-elegant.

Know some other Silver Foxes I should include? Comment below and let me know.

I’m always on the lookout for Stylish women to feature. Be sure to add the #fabulousafter40  HASHTAG to your Instagram posts so I can find you easily!

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5 thoughts on “The Silver Foxes of Instagram

  1. In 2019, I had a pace maker put in and could not raise my arms for a few weeks. My grey hair started showing more and more. As my hair grew out grey, I saw a new me! The actual grey/white color matched my skin perfectly, and I liked it very much! My original hair color was black, but after the grey hair started showing up I dyed it black but the black looked harsh against my skin. I tried all the browns, plain or with red highlights but nothing looked natural. To cover up the grey I continued to dye it. Now, my hair is white and long with bangs. I’m thankful for my Pace Maker and my perfectly white hair! 72 years old.

  2. I went white about 15 years ago (to me, it still looks “blonde”). I love it and get plenty of compliments. When I lost my hair two years ago, I thought it might come back another color, so I saved some. Fortunately, it came back the way it left. The funny thing is, I bleached my hair for most of my adult life, trying to get the color I have now. Go figure.

    PS – I’m 73 and read your posts regularly.

  3. Hi Deborah,

    Thank you so much for the excellent blog post and sweet comments! This incredibly humbles me, and thankful for the people (like you) I’ve gotten to know and follow in this lovely community!

    Much love,
    Lisa Hale XO

  4. I loved this post about all these marvelous ladies. I am in my mid-60s and have been coloring my hair for years. Not ready yet to take the plunge, although I am sure I will be one of these days! I think it must be very liberating!

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