5 Modern, Figure Flattering Ways to Wear Stripes

You don’t have to read between the lines to see that gals our age love stripes. They’re classic, sporty, and youthful. So here are 5 ways to look Age-Amazing™ in Stripes.

Striped pink blouse and cream pants


1.  Wear Stripes Strategically

We all have parts of our body that are thinner or heavier, so the trick with stripes is to know what kind of stripes to wear and how to position them. Wear vertical stripes over the parts you want to look thinner. Horizontal stripes will emphasize larger areas.

For example, if you are big busted, avoid wearing horizontal stripes across your bust. Wide hips? Why widen them by wearing a striped skirt?  On the other hand, if you have a straight-up and own boyish figure, you are beautiful to horizontal stripes to widen you out.


Wrap Tops - Blue Striped copy


2.  Buy Striped Clothing in Modern Shapes and Colors

One way to look updated in Spring stripes is to choose new styles and cut of clothing with stripes. This pretty wrap top with the gorgeous bow tie front is new and trending. Also, the colors of the stripes are different too- lavender, green, navy, and white. It’s a fresh, feminine way to do stripes.


Blue and white striped top with lace

3.  Match Stripes to Body Size and Shape

If you are tall or big-boned, you can wear bigger, bolder stripes. However, petite gals need to wear thin stripes, which are closer together to look balanced.


Striped top with red and blue nautical utility jacket


4. Try Stripes + a Jacket

If you are on the heavy side and worry about looking heavier in horizontal stripes, then layer your outfit so you have just a hint of stripes showing through. For example, you will look slim and modern if you wear a striped top underneath a cute nautical utility jacket instead of wearing the striped tee on its own.


How to Wear Stripes

5.  Choose the Right Stripes for Your Personality

The bold candy stripes we are seeing are so much fun but will draw more attention to you than traditional colored stripes, so keep that in mind. Also, if you are wearing bright stripes in one place, it’s best to go neutral elsewhere.

For example, wear a candy-colored striped top with white pants.   Also, contrasting stripes like black and white ( high contrast) make a bolder statement than a striped top in alternating black and gray ( lower contrast).

Have you bought anything with spring stripes?

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8 thoughts on “5 Modern, Figure Flattering Ways to Wear Stripes

  1. Interesting fact about striped clothes; in the medieval period, any surface that had a background that was hard to distinguish from the foreground was apparently disturbing to their eye. As a result, only people on the fringes of society such as entertainers and prostitutes wore stripes.

  2. There are loads of striped tops at the moment – they all made me look dumpy – except for a waterfall stripey ‘cardi’and camisole set – it is really slimming – probably because as one poster said – the stripes end up going in a lot of directions – so it camouflages any bulges. I wear it with skinny jeans and boots for now, as it is still pretty cold here. Big thank you to you. You have been a huge inspiration!!!

  3. Well done Deb! This is THE best article I’ve read on how to wear stripes and I’m going to share it if that’s okay. The most figure flattering stripes for many women are diagonals, especially those that meet about the waist. Multi-directional stripes also are a great disguise for what lies beneath as ‘eyes just don’t know where to focus’. A:)

  4. Stripes are my trademark:skinny ones, wide ones, thick ones, all colors. Because I’m not skinny, I tend to wear mine under a cardi or blazer with dark pants. But in the summer, I’ll pull out my white jeans and wear it all together with pride!

  5. Why o why o why can’t anyone make anything with VERTICAL stripes?! Horizontal stripes can make women look fatter and shorter if those are their challenges to begin with.

    Any clothier who can give me VERTICAL stripes will have a CUSTOMER with $$ to spend!

    Can somebody give me a good answer about this? My guess is that, somehow, vertical stripes are more expensive to produce & that’s why it’s not done.