7 Skills You Need to Build a Super Stylish Wardrobe

Woman Over 40 ShoppingHave you ever felt that no matter how many clothes you buy, no matter how many ties you edit your wardrobe, no matter how many times you study those fashion magazines and try to create outfits, you are never satisfied with your wardrobe? It’s an all too common problem, and it stems from your shopping habits.  Do you have these self-sabotaging habits:

  • buying too many blah items (on Sale, of course!)
  • going out shopping for fun (no plan or forethought)
  • often coming home with things that are black, gray, or a combination of both
  • being confused about what colors look good on you

So how do you change this pattern?  What can you do to up your style, especially now that you are 40 or older?

Here are a few fashion tips super stylish women always follow to dress chic:

1.  Have a Style Role Model

This can be tough when you are over 40 because there are not that many out there.  If you can find someone who has a similar body type, great. One place I suggest you look is in the Styleblazer’s section of my blog. I have profiled over 50 bloggers over the age of 40, 50, and 60 and they are good ones to draw inspiration from.

2.  Keep a Style Notebook in Your Purse

This is the fastest way to get inspired.  Start noticing women on the street that catch your eye.  What is it about an outfit that makes this woman stand out?  Is it the style or color of her coat?  Is her hairstyle one that would look good on you?  Jot down any and all things that get your heart beating!  Window shop, look at mannequins, even nature (flowers have the most unusual color combinations!)

3.  Dress Up a Little Nicer Today

Instead of throwing on your casual “uniform”, take some time to put on something that you might not have worn in a while.  Dig around in your closet and drawers.  What’s in there that might be fun to wear that maybe you were saving?  Get it out and wear it!  Now see if you don’t get compliments and feel like you have a little more energy!

4.  Start with a Great Pair of Shoes  

This backward way of choosing what you’re going to wear can sometimes stimulate a new, creative idea for an outfit.  Do you have a sassy pair of shoes that have been collecting dust? Get them out and put them on!  Do you have something to wear with them?  If not, take them out to the store and let them be your inspiration

5.  Don’t Shop with a Friend 

Many times we shop with a friend, and they end up talking us into buying things we wish we hadn’t. First, try these tips on your own and see if you can stay focused and buy something that you love and adore.

6.  Wear Something Nice while Shopping

Stylish women are always setting the bar.  You need to be wearing something that you feel good about.  Never, ever go shopping when you feel like a frump.  We promise you will not come home with a wonderful outfit.  Setting the bar is important and will help you make a good choice.  If you like what you are going to buy as much or better than what you are wearing, then you will be making the right purchasing decision.

7.  Educate Yourself

The fact that you are reading this blog is the first step in finding your “Wow” style.  Keep on reading, and your eyes will be opened to a wonderful new world of creativity and excitement. To begin your journey check out my ebook: Jumpstart your Style. It will give you that first basic look at who you are and what you need to redesign a wardrobe you love and adore1

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One thought on “7 Skills You Need to Build a Super Stylish Wardrobe

  1. Thank you for explaining the skills needed to create a stylish wardrobe. I love your suggestion to keep notes on styles you notice women wearing in public that catch your eye and that you want to wear. I think it would also be wise to find a unique store that sells items of clothing that you will stand out in and love.

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