5 Ways To Dress More Colorfully This Spring

After a long winter, you are probably feeling ( and maybe looking) a little dragged down, which means you could likely benefit from a good dose of color. Lift your spirits and your style by experimenting with some uplifting hues.  Here are four ways to incorporate bright and cheery colors into your spring wardrobe.

pink bright top with white jeans1. Wear a Bright Top with White Jeans

One of the freshest, classiest looks, once the warm weather arrives, is a pair of crisp white pants and a bright clear top. This gorgeous hot pink wrap top will bring a glow to your cheeks and a smile to your face. Pair it with a blush purse and nude sandals to complement the warm pink tone and let the top remain center stage.

A touch of gold jewelry and you will look like a million bucks.


grey top with white jeans and colorful scarf

2. Add a Colorful Scarf

If you are a gal who prefers neutrals but would like a little bit of a color lift, then a pretty scarf is a fantastic way to do that. This bright yellow scarf with the cute tassel trim is right on in terms of both trending colors and style.  Remember even this small shot of color will go a long way in bringing life to your face.

A scarf is also a great layering piece that adds a lot of dimension to an outfit and will take your look from average to awesome.

bold print floral dress

3. Buy a Bold Print

If you are the type of gal with one too many dark dresses, then lighten up this spring in a pretty floral dress with bold print in bright colors. This stunning floral sheath dress with the ruffle hem is a real head turner and will make you look much more fresh and youthful than a plain navy or black dress.

Try it and don’t be surprised how a dress like this can lift your energy and your mood.

tops with colored jeans


4. Try Colored Jeans or Capris

Blue jeans are okay, but colored jeans can look fantastic, especially in the spring and summer when the season demands lighter, and cooler denim.  These pastel pink capris are as pretty as a spring flower and look super cute with this cold shoulder embroidered top.

Take a chance; try something new. Life is too short to always be in blue jeans.

floral top with black jeans and bright shoe

5. Incorporate a Bright Shoe

Many gals hate to give up black, and you don’t have to. If you love the slimming, chic nature of black but want to give it a little boost, then try this: simply add a sexy bright shoe. This gorgeous red suede pump is exactly what this outfit needs to make it come alive.

I’ve paired the outfit with a vibrant floral print top that has black as its backdrop but you could stay will all black, and the top of the red shoe is what you prefer. Either way that shot of red adds a lot of excitement and sex appeal!

Color Me Fabulous Ebook Cover


Did you know that if you can identify the perfect colors to match your skin and hair color,  you are halfway there to having great style? Color is critical when it comes to looking Fabulous after 40.

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