Gold Mother of the Bride Dress Will Make You Look Like Royalty

If the stress of picking the perfect color to wear at your daughter’s or son’s wedding is wearing you down, here’s a suggestion. A gold sequin mother of the bride dress always looks beautiful and will make you look like royalty. Here’s why.

Champagne Mother of the Bride gown

1. Champagne Gold Goes with Everything

Champagne gold closely resembles beige and is considered neutral.  Some champagne shades are warmer, others cooler. This means a champagne gold mother of the bride dress looks lovely with just about any color of bridesmaid dress from black to burgundy, peach, green and blue.

Sparkly champagne mother of the bride gown

2.  Champagne Gold is Elegant and Regal

Bright colors are energetic and lively, pastels are soft and romantic. Champagne gold is understated and elegant. It’s a quiet color but speaks volumes about refinement and sophistication. It’s regal.

champagne mother of the bride dress

3. Champagne Gold Complements White

If you are worried that a champagne gold mother of the bride dress might take away from the bride’s wedding gown, don’t be.  Champagne complements white, and cream and many brides specifically ask their moms to wear this chic color.  So long as your dress is definitely darker than the bride’s, you should be fine. Be sure to check with the bride to make sure she approves before you buy your dress.

sparkly champgane mother of the bride dress

4.  It Flatters your Skin Tone

Champagne is a soft color against aging skin and can be very flattering when you get the right shade. Remember I said there were warm and cool tones?

If your skin and hair have warm, golden undertones, then go for a champagne color with pale orange-yellow undertones. If your skin is pinker and your hair has ash undertones, then try a slightly more rosy beige or taupe-champagne. Getting the right undertone will make all the difference in the world to how you look in a champagne gold mother-of-the-bride dress.

sparkly evening bag mother of the bride

5.  Champagne was Made to Sparkle

Since champagne gold is a kind of beige, it can look super flat without any sparkle. Since weddings are all about that, look for a champagne gold with a bit of sparkle, sequins, lace, or any other type of embellishment that lifts it up and makes it more special occasion-like.

sequined mother of the bride dress

6.  It’s a Timeless Color

Wedding photos of the family are going to be sitting around the house for years to come, so it’s essential to wear a color that is going to stand the test of time. Champagne gold is an excellent choice. It’s not trendy- it’s classic and will always look fabulous, now and in 50 years!

crystal earrings mother of the bride

7.  It’s a Seasonless color

Champagne is also a color that works year-round. It looks just as beautiful in fall and winter as it does in spring and summer.

sparkly gold mother of the bride dress

8.  You can wear it Again

Since champagne gold is so seasonless and timeless, you can wear it for other special occasions. If you choose a simple, elegant style in this color,   like this dress above, you could also wear it to a charity ball, New Year’s Eve party, or any other type of formal event.

gold shoes mother of the bride

Champagne gold shoes are the perfect match for a champagne gold mother of the bride. Black would be too heavy, and silver wouldn’t look right at all.

gold sequin mother of the bride dress

This stunning champagne lace mermaid gown is just one of the many Mother of the Bride, and Groom dresses carried by David’s Bridal that would be perfect for an upcoming wedding. And of course, it’s a beautiful color for the Mother of the groom too.

Although my kids are not married yet, this stunning champagne gold mother-of-the-bride dress is definitely something I would wear to the wedding. It fits beautifully and feels wonderful.

I’m looking forward to wearing it to my next special occasion whatever that may be. It’s so versatile.

To shop for this dress and the matching accessories, click the links above.


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4 thoughts on “Gold Mother of the Bride Dress Will Make You Look Like Royalty

  1. Hi Deborah! I just had to comment on how beautiful you look in this dress! The dress itself is adorable, but you look stunning in it! Love your blog!

    1. Hi Casey, Thank you! I felt like I should be going to the Academy Awards in that Dress with all the gold sparkle. It was fun to wear for the shoot. Now I need an occasion!! You know what they say. Wear the Dress, and the party will come!
      Cheers, Deborah

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