3 Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans Over 40

Love skinny jeans?  If you are looking for some fresh ways to look fab in skinny jeans, then here are a few new trends you may want to incorporate. Let’s take a look:

Off the Shoulder - Cream with Grey


Baring your shoulders is trendy and subtlety sexy too. One of the best ways to wear a sweater like this is with a pair of stretchy, skinny jeans. The wide turned down cowl neck on this nubby pastel sweater creates the illusion of a broader shoulder. When you wear skinny jeans with a broad-shouldered top, you get an inverted triangle effect that makes your hips look small in comparison to your top half.

Tops for Skinny Jeans - Lace Ruffle


The layered look is always popular because it has a youthful vibe. These days there are a lot of sweaters with the most interesting types of layers. For example, this one combines a herringbone knit with two rows of tiered black lace. It’s a lovely look that pairs perfectly with dark black, skinny jeans.



When you want to look creative and a little boho, throw on cute poncho on top of a t-shirt and skinny jeans. A poncho is voluminous, so the skinner the jean underneath the better your poncho looks. Skinny jeans are a great way to balance out all that fabric up top.

What kind of tops do you wear with your skinny jeans?

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16 thoughts on “3 Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans Over 40

  1. Tops with skinny jeans: must cover tush. Personal rule for a classy look: solid neutral colors, layers. Prints: absolutely no cheap-looking synthetic print tops. A cheap top looks like a cheap top, and sometimes expensive print tops look cheap too if the fabric isn’t quality and doesn’t drape well. SCALE is really important to me in putting a layered top over skinny jeans. Ex: just the right amount of white should show. Scale is really important with prints, too. I.e. the size of the person matters. I have to say that I am just much more comfortable in subtle, simple clothes, and comfort is important.
    I would add that I am over 60 and these are my rules. This blog is great, I love the interactive aspect. I would occasionally add photos –but so far I don’t see that option.

  2. I agree about models that all should be 40+. That’s why More magazine went out of business… it wasn’t real, they abandoned their true audience, then couldn’t compete with younger mags….
    Also, while I enjoy your site, it would be nice to include clothes for gals 60+, as well…. flabby arms, flabby necks, hanging jaws, pooched tummies, varicosities in legs, Wider hips, etc. the old grey mares ain’t what they used to be.. lol… if you know your stuff, make it really work for women over 40! and yes, weight often increases, breasts enlarge!

    So 40/50’s attractive more youthful looks are terrific. but how about attractive looks for women who know who they are, are older, more limited and a bit more challenged in the fashion world, yet still want to be classy?
    Again, on appropriate models… ;0-)

    1. Hi Deb, Thanks for your insightful comments.

      The topic of 40+ models comes up often, and the reality is my hands are tied. I show clothing from all the major brands and none of these brands hire 40+ models, or if they do they sure don’t look it. I often cut the heads off the models in these photos, and just show the clothes. It’s not perfect, but it helps a bit.

      I also try to supplement by showing 40+ bloggers and instagrammers in outfits they personally own in my Styleblazer series. I’m also starting to model more clothes.
      I’m trying to let brands know what my readers want but they are still chasing the young demographic. It’s frustrating for us all.

      As for the 60+ requests, they’re growing. I would love to get some feedback from other readers on this too. What are everyone’s biggest dressing challenges at 60+ ? What different about how you want to dress at 50 compared to 60?
      Would you like to see a special 60+ section on the blog?
      Please leave your comments below.

      Thanks again Deb and if you have any more suggestions feel free to write. I always welcome feedback from everyone! Cheers! Deborah

  3. I never stopped wearing pants with a flare or wider leg…skinny jeans don’t look good on my pear shape. Closest I’ve gotten is a normal, straight leg jean. My dressy trousers are always with a slightly wider leg. Polka dot pants would just make my big thighs look bigger! However, I have been wearing the straight legs with the hems rolled up about ankle-or-shorter-length, and it is a good look on me. One must know what looks good on one’s own body, no matter what is “trendy”.

  4. I love these looks, but I keep seeing that jeans and pants look way too short. As a tall person, I have bad memories of these being called ‘high-waters’. Is that fashionable now? Or those cropped pants? Please explain.

  5. Hmmmm. I do love the look – but unfortunately, not on me! I feel like they accentuate my hips. I have worn them this winter with chunky boots which helps, but for the spring and summer I think I will be staying with my boot cut jeans, and maybe capris with a little bit of a flare at the bottom.

  6. I purchased a pair of pin dot jeans that were boot cut and a bit boring. I had them altered to make them skinny and have gotten tons of compliments.

  7. I love the skinny look, but the dots would not be for me on either the pants or top. I’m very small in stature and dots always make me look/feel like Minnie Mouse, though I do love the mouse! I prefer solid colors so I am not over-whelmed with too much pattern. I LOVE the perforated tan boots with look #3. The chunky heel is perfect for me. I went over to the web site to check them out and the price is reasonable.

  8. I love tunics; they hide a multitude of sins, e.g. my arms, my waist, my butt; however, I don’t have the figure for skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, etc. because I have big legs though I am a size 12.
    Are straight leg jeans my best bet with tunics?

    Thanks Deborah, this waay over 40 gal looks to your website all the time for inspiration.

  9. I’d be interested in reading a post on when you shouldn’t wear skinny, or how women who aren’t toothpick skinny can wear them and look good. I’m a size 10 (and 5’6″) and feel ridiculous in skinny jeans, even when paired with a long blouse.

    1. I feel like this too. I have found I can wear them in the place of leggings and wear boots! They are great tucked in boots, no extra fabric to fold over! Then the fancy stitching on the boots shows as extra.

  10. I think it would have been helpful to show how women over 40 could wear the skinny jean and actually look ok in them! Instead of photos of 20 year olds with perfect bodies.

  11. Fantastic outfits! I’m so in LOVE with those polka dot skinny jeans!!! Thank you for all the inspiration!!!

    1. Skinny jeans, late 80s, early 90s throwback/throw up do not look good on 6’2″ super models & they sure as hell don’t look good on your average 40+ year old. Stacey of “What Not To Wear” fame said high waisted, tight to the ankle pants make a woman look like an ice cream cone & she is SO right. Low waisted, flared & boot cut are even worse. Let’s show off those fat rolls ladies, they are SO sexy!

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