Nail the Colored Sunglasses Trend!

Now is an excellent time to start if you are not looking at the world through rose-colored glasses! A colored sunglasses trend is happening in fashion, and suddenly there’s a rainbow of pretty new shades to choose from.

Which colored sunglasses are best to style fun, fashion-forward summer outfits? Here are a few favorites that make nailing this trend easy.

colored sunglasses - pink

Pink Colored Sunglasses

Rose-colored glasses with a pretty pink tint are warm and romantic. These aviator styles are feminine without being too cutesy and will give your face a gorgeous glow.

What I like best about these colored sunglasses is they are not expensive. I am terrible about losing sunglasses, so I hate paying more than $100. These Quay sunglasses from Australia are under that but full of style.

See how the rosy blush fades into a bronze color and is quite neutral-looking overall? A white or pink top with a pink tint looks extra soft and pretty. Add your favorite jeans, some trendy white loafer mules, and a colorful bag (just for fun), and you have a hip summer look.



purple sunglasses

Purple Colored Sunglasses

Colored sunglasses in purple are also trendy. They’re a fresh, fun color and look so cool when you wear them with something like this lace coverup. ( similar coverup here)

I’ve also paired them with white cropped jeans and this coral top. Coral is opposite on the color wheel to purple, making the glasses pop. The tortoiseshell frames are chic, and I tried to emphasize that with this fabulous mesh tote. These darling sandals finish off the look.

Colored Sunglasses - Blue Lenses

Blue Colored Sunglasses

Here’s a cute pair of Kate Spade cat’s eye sunglasses in the most relaxing shade of blue. These sure do say summer, don’t they? They fit right in with blue skies and beautiful water landscapes and look fantastic whether you are sailing or just puttering around town.

I’ve paired them with this cute striped linen jumpsuit. They’re also trending and are a nice change from white jeans or a sundress. I love the cute bag that goes with this. The white edging and tassels make this straw bag pop, making the shape chic. And what a perfect match the sandals are.


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