These Layered Tops Make Dressing Easy

When you don’t have the time or energy to put together a cute, casual outfit but don’t want to leave the house looking frumpy, it’s handy to own a layered top.

This is one of my favorite layered tops. It’s a classic striped long-sleeved tee with double chiffon layering at the bottom. The layering adds a lot of interest and the chiffon gives a very soft feminine touch to a favorite classic. It’s modern with a twist!

Here’s a closer look at the layering. Any layered top worn with your favorite jeans or leggings will crank up your style, fast.

Here are 3 types of trendy layered tops you’ll want in your wardrobe.

Mixed Media top - Navy Stripes

Layered T-Shirt

Layered tops, or mixed media tops as they are also called, aren’t really layered at all. They just look that way. It’s a clever illusion that creates a modern, cool effect.  In reality, a layered top like this striped tee with eyelet trim is just a striped tee with some eyelet sewn on the bottom. The tee is much lighter to wear than if it was really layered, but you get the same modern look of a layered top.

This sporty top has a nautical feel, and the eyelet gives it a pretty touch. I’ve paired it with white button-up flare jeans to play up the sailor vibe. Rope sandals, a navy tote, and some gold earrings finish off this great weekend look.

Layered Sweater

Here’s a pretty mixed media sweater with a dark floral faux layering. The contrast between the coral and black is bold and beautiful. The side slits add to the peekaboo look of the faux shirt popping out underneath.

I’ve paired this top with white jeans, so the black print fabric shows up. This is important because that’s the top’s whole point, and you want it to stand out. If you wore black pants or blue jeans, that floral hem would blend right in. You want it to pop!

I played up the black by adding back flat mules and this swingy tassel bag.

Layered Sweatershirt

If you read my post on Lavender, you know it is a trendy color this spring. This pretty lavender sweatshirt layered with a floaty floral hem is soft and feminine. I have paired it with a pair of dark jeans to make the floral hem pop. Nude croc flats and a white bag give it a fresh spring look.

Are you ready to mix it up this spring and try a layered top?

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