Nancy Pelosi’s Tahitian Pearls

No matter your politics, you must admit that Nanci Pelosi looks fabulous! She looks modern, classy, and powerful.

She’s got it right – classic, fitted feminine suits (instead of those awful boxy, masculine types) made from luxurious fabrics in vibrant colors.

Nancy Pelosi wearing Tahitian Pearls

But, it’s her power pearls that are all the talk! Check out her large-sized South Seas and Tahitian pearls, especially the gray and cream strand of marble-sized pearls she’s been sporting with dark suits and tweeds. Although the real thing can set you back at least $20,000 or more, these make the statement that I am a woman and powerful!

These pearls are great because, while they set a conservative tone like all pearls to do (and that’s what we want in business), there is a twist. The unique color is modern and fresh and sends the message that Nancy’s ideas are that way too. The large size sends the message of “elegant authority.”

Imagine Nancy in a string of tiny cream pearls or a teeny thin gold chain with a delicate teardrop diamond hanging down. She wouldn’t have the same presence or authority. She would seem weak and outdated.

So the lesson here is:  Women in positions of power, be aware of your jewelry’s message. You don’t need much, just a couple of statement pieces that let you enjoy your femininity but show that you mean business. Check out this post for more lessons on wearing the right necklace to match your outfit.

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12 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s Tahitian Pearls

  1. What Nancy’s ‘Power Pearls’ should be telling you is a tale of arrogance and hypocrisy. Jackie O. and Barbara Bush wore perfect faux pearls during all public and state appearances, partly for practicality but primarily out of sensitivity to the rest of the women in the country. Most of them could not afford such pricey luxuries. Nancy is unfortunately typical of the demise of down-to-earth, luxury-eschewing, caring liberalism.

  2. She looks so great in those pearls. Pearls are my favorite jewelry. I just bought a necklace just like hers from and I adore it. So classy and elegant!

  3. We seem to have strayed from the pearls to her brain, her money, etc. But back to the pearls.

    When you see the large multi-colored strands, often, they are a mix of fresh water and south sea pearls. They are going to be off-rounds to very irregular (baroque). While some of the strands will be expensive ($10K and up), a lot of them will be in a price range that most hard-working people can afford and enjoy. While Nancy P most likely has the real thing, you never know if she mixes in one of the better fashion products. She’ll never tell!
    Ask me if you want to know more about what’s happening in pearls. Alan

  4. The Pelosis are independently wealthy.

    Even at a Congressperson’s salary, one can afford to have a few top-notch wardrobe items to set a tone for personal fashion. It is a lesson that all of us can learn to our benefit.

    As for Mrs. Pelosi’s brain, I might disagree with her conclusions, but she has intelligence, particularly in those sectors where mine is weak.

  5. Pelosi might wear pearls, but she needs a brain to match.
    How can she afford such expensive pearls?
    I didn’t know speakers of the house made that kind of salary. lol


  6. Nancy’s pearls are fabulous and expensive. There are some excellent quality fashion products of simulated pearls, the best made from mother-of-pearl with a liquid pearl emulsion finish to give it the $100,000 look. Depending on size, these will cost from $120 to $600 and are available in white, gray, and black tones. I’m not sure if yellows are available in this product line.

    The other great value is freshwater cultured pearls. You can get natural colors in a host of shapes and sizes. Many fine pearls are available for $300 to $500, and some other fine strands of large and fancy shapes may go up to $2500, but typically not more than that. Most importantly, they are genuine, and you can find colors that suit everyone’s skin tone.

  7. Nancy Pelosi Responsible For A Huge Spike In Pearl Jewelry!

    Maybe it’s just because she is the first female speaker of the house…who knows.. ..but Nancy Pelosi’s wardrobe has been getting a ton of attention of late with most of the discussion revolving around her signature strand of South Sea…

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