Navy Blue Mother of the Bride Dresses are Popular – Here’s Why

If you been to a wedding lately, there’s a good chance the mother of the bride (or groom) was wearing blue. In particular, navy blue mother of the bride dresses have been very popular lately. Just take a look at these photos my readers sent in.  All these MOB and Grooms chose navy blue and for a good reason.

Navy is a perfect choice because:

  1. Navy is Classy – Navy is a regal color that communicates formality, authority respect – just what the mother of the bride and groom deserve
  2. Navy is Simming – Most women think black is the only slimming color but navy is just as slimming
  3. Navy is Flattering on Women with mature skin – Black can be harsh alongside an aging complexion that has wrinkles, lines, and spots. Navy is warmer, softer and more lively. It gives you life.
  4. Navy co-ordinates well with most bridal party colors – Navy can be worn year round and looks as lovely with other dark shades like burgundy, green and plum as it does with light, bright colors like pink and yellow.
  5. Navy is timeless– Navy is and will always be a beautiful color for any formal event.  You will never look dated in those wedding photos years down the road when you are wearing navy. It’s a classic.

1. LOVELY IN LACE: For her daughter’s wedding, Tami wore this Kay Unger streamlined column gown. Intricate sequined embellishment gives the dress a subtle sparkle that pairs beautifully with the delicate lace. Tami’s pretty updo allows this dress’ lace neckline to be the focal point.

2. SHORT AND CHIC: Sarah who hails from Ottawa, Canada wore this fitted, sleeveless v-neck sheath dress with a hint of shimmer. The flattering cut of the dress and the geometric lines create a striking silhouette on Sarah.

3. TIMELESS ELEGANCE: Jan looks stunning in a floor-length navy lace dress for her youngest son’s wedding which was held in October in Aptos, CA. Jan’s daughter-n-law to be requested that she wear navy, and Jan happily obliged when she fell in love with this dress. Wow! Jan, this dress looks like it was custom-made for you!

4. SWEETHEART NECKLINE: It’s obvious why navy and lace is such a popular combination for mother of the bride dresses. It’s universally flattering. For her daughter’s outdoor wedding, Kathy wore along, navy dress, fitted at the waist and a lace neckline. Kathy looked simply beautiful alongside her beautiful daughter.

5. SOPHISTICATED ONE SHOULDER: When in doubt, show off your shoulders! That’s exactly what Tammy chose to do when her son and daughter-in-law planned a barn wedding in Vermont. She chose this fabulous Ralph Lauren one-shoulder maxi dress in navy. Tammy loved the dress not only for its understated elegance, but for its comfort too.

6. WRAPPED IN STYLE: For her daughter’s wedding two years ago, Mindy hit the jackpot when she found this sleeveless wrap style dress at a local department store. A statement necklace like the one Mindy is wearing is the perfect accessory for a wide V-neck dress and strikes a nice balance to this simple yet polished dress.

Shop these stunning navy MOB dresses:


I’m not a Mother of the Bride or Groom yet, My kids are all under 21 still but I recently collaborated with Davi’s Bridal to pick out a dress I would wear if my son or daughter was getting married, and guess what, it was Navy! Take a look! More photos of my Navy MOB gown here.

Navy Floarl motehr of the bride dress Deborah Boland



Need more ideas about what to wear as Mother of the Bride or Groom. Pick up a copy of my bestselling book Tweak Your Chic – Mother of the Bride. It will tell you everything you need to know on one of the most important and cherished days of your life.

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3 thoughts on “Navy Blue Mother of the Bride Dresses are Popular – Here’s Why

  1. Gorgeous d ess that you chose from David’s Bridal! Regarding MOB dresses, what color would you choose for a night wedding where the bridesmaids are in wine colored dresses and the men in tuxedos? I am a winter, fair skin, dark hair and blue eyes. David’s bridal color coordinating tool shows lots of lighter grey colors that don’t really suit me. I just turned 50 so I don’t want to look older and datedlike so,e of the former MOB dresses used to look. I look forward to hearing your opinion.


    1. Hi Margaret,
      For an evening wedding, you want something darker and dressier than what you would wear to a day wedding. You mentioned you are a winter and that you are not fond of light grey, but what about a silver gown? That would be lovely. Navy would also be stunning especially if it had some embellishment, or shine. Black is appropriate too for MOB (especially a night wedding) so long as the bride approves. A dark green could also work. As far as looking modern goes, look for dresses with modern details like an off the shoulder neckline, or bell sleeve or a print skirt. Some tiny new detail totally can totally update a classic style. Also, focus on dresses that flatter your figure. Dresses with little shape look dated.
      I hope that gives you a few ideas. Have a beautiful time at the wedding!