Summer Dresses With Sleeves That Cover Arm Wobble

Dear Deb,

Please post some warm-weather dresses with sleeves! I have the worst time finding flattering summer dresses that cover my upper arm wobble. Don’t give me a cap sleeve and expect me to think it’s a sleeve…I know the difference! Thanks, Judy

Hi Judy,

I hear you, Judy, and I know what you are after! There are a lot of us in the same boat. Not everyone has buff arms like a fitness guru, so we prefer to cover up. Even for the gals who couldn’t care less about camouflage, sleeves are often preferable in the summer because it can get pretty uncomfortable wearing a sleeveless dress when the air conditioning is blasting.

I’ve found some cute summer dresses with sleeves for you. Have a look.

Summer Dresses with Sleeves: For Casual Weekend

Casual sundresses with sleeves are the most difficult to find because we usually associate causal with sleeveless in summer.

Sometimes it is as simple as not wanting to show your pasty arms in a sleeveless dress in summer ( that’s me) or not wanting to walk around in a casual sundress all day in case you get sunburned. Whatever the reason, a simple dress with a friendly, cool elbow-length sleeve or a 3/4-length sleeve is a good solution.



Summer Dresses with Long Sleeves: For Work 

Many women prefer to wear dresses with sleeves at work for reasons other than arm jiggle or air conditioning. Dresses with sleeves always look professional.

Just as a suit is more formal and authoritative than a dress, a dress with sleeves is more commanding than a sleeveless dress in the workplace. If you don’t like full-length sleeves, then a dress with a 3/4 length is a good option. It is more relaxed looking but still reads more conservative and business-like.


Summer Dresses with Sleeves: For Special Occasions

There are many special events during the summer where you may feel more comfortable wearing a dress with sleeves. Many of my readers are invited to weddings, christenings, reunions, and other dressy functions and say they don’t feel confident unless they wear a dress with sleeves.

That’s understandable, especially since professional photos are usually taken at these kinds of events, photos that will likely end up sitting on your fireplace mantle for a very long time. Dresses with sleeves look more formal and are timeless.

Long sleeves don’t have to look heavy on a pretty cocktail dress. Consider lace sleeves, sheer sleeves, or an off-the-shoulder dress with long sleeves. That way, you are not so covered up.

Do you wear sleeves in the summer, or are you happy with jiggly arms and air conditioning?


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7 thoughts on “Summer Dresses With Sleeves That Cover Arm Wobble

  1. Fabulous!! I love the sleeves! I would also love to see some FLOOR LENGTH summer dresses with sleeves! So sad…but any floor-length summer dresses I’ve seen are all sleeveless. Thank you

  2. Do you ever do styles for women over 40 who are a little more “fluffy”? (An excellent way to say overweight or just plain fat…)

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