How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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I’m finishing off my popular How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign series with today’s post on the Sagittarius woman, born between November 23rd and December 21st.

The Sagittarius woman is best described as a seeker. Inquisitive and curious, no topic is off-limits, and she genuinely wants to understand and explore it all. Everything fascinates this woman. Her genuinely charming and candid approach draw others to her. She looks forward to each new day, curious about what it has to offer.

Insightful, brave, lively, and optimistic all describe the Sagittarius woman.


Famous Sagittarius Women Over 40

Terri Hatcher, Jane Fonda, Julianne Moore, Lucy Liu

Sagittarius Style

  • Relaxed elegance
  • Rocks a boho look
  • Loves orange, red and shades of yellow
  • Prefers one stunning, standout accessory at a time


How to dress your zodiac sign - Sagittarius casual

Casual Sagittarius

I picked this bright and sunny top for the Sagittarius woman to match her lively, optimistic attitude and as a nod to her easy-going style. With neutral slides and a fun boho bag, the over-40 Sagittarius gal is ready for coffee with a friend, running errands, or any kind of casual day out.


How to dress like a Sagittarius - Casual


Dressy Sagittarius

This sunny handkerchief hemline maxi is perfect for the Sagittarius woman who is known to love yellow. It matches her bright personality and relaxed nature. I’ve paired it here with the cutest wedge sandals. I like a wedge shoe for the little extra bit of support they provide. And don’t forget a Wow accessory like this ethnic-inspired clutch. A single standout accessory is the trademark of the Sagittarius gal, who is really a bit of an haute hippie.

Okay, you Sagittarius women, what do you think?

And if you’re wondering about how to dress for your own zodiac sign, type your sign in the search bar or click here and scroll to the bottom for a list of all the signs.

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3 thoughts on “How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

  1. The great strength of the Sagittarius-born is their philosophical, wide-open and curious nature. These folks seek both knowledge and truth, and they are eager to share their explorations with others. Their optimistic and generous spirit makes them a pleasure to have around.

  2. I think you’ve hit the Sagittarius vibe spot on! I love what you chose and can easily see myself wearing both outfits!

    Thanks Deborah!

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