Do You Double Up On Style?

A funny thing happened when I was preparing a post about what I planned to keep or get rid of out of my closet in 2016. As I began sorting through my clothes, I started seeing double.

We’ve all been guilty of loving a favorite piece of clothing so much, that we buy it over and over again. The only thing is,  I didn’t realize how often I had been doing this! Take a look at what I found.

red jackets

Duplicate Jackets– Let’s start with this jacket on the left. I picked up this cute boyfriend jacket from Zara about four years ago. Some of you may recognize it; I’ve worn it on the blog. It’s been a fabulous piece, and Samie Color   I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it.

So when it started to wear out last spring and I came across this Smythe jacket on the right, I grabbed it. There’s really not much difference between the two. They are both a pretty watermelon color, but the new jacket is a little more tailored, and it’s linen.

Have I worn it much? Sadly no. Even though it’s fresh  and new, it kind of feels like “been there, done that.”  It’s nice to have, but truly, I wish I had gone for a different color just to change things up a little.

leopard print tops

Same Print – Next… On the left is a favorite of mine. I’ve had this leopard print Tory Burch sweater for a few years, but it is in excellent condition. It’s a classic. So why did I need another classic leopard top? Obviously,  I was in some kind of animal print phase because a couple of seasons later I bought this silk leopard print blouse by Equipment.

I know, one’s a sweater, and one’s a blouse, but again, they are pretty much duplicates, and that feels like a waste of money.


Same Style  – Not only was I seeing double in my closet as far as color and print, but I also found I had duplicate styles. This DVF purple oversized sweater is a favorite. I love pushing up the sleeves and wearing them with leggings and riding boots. I guess I wanted to recapture that artsy feel when I bought this brown Theory sweater that has a similar look and fit.

The problem is, and you may have found this yourself, that when you buy the new version of the old sweater or jacket or whatever,  you often stop wearing the original. I wish I had been more conscious about the fact that I already had a similar sweater hanging in my closet.

I do wear both sweaters, and they are slightly different. If my budget were more limited, I would be kicking myself.

duplicate clothing cream sweaters

On Sale Trap  – Alright, I know what happened here. I look awful in white but in the last few years, I have discovered how lovely I looked in cream. It’s softer than stark white and makes my peachy complexion glow.  I started off buying this cotton J.Crew sweater a couple of years ago. Last year I picked up this boucle version ( middle)  from Theory – I like this one much better than the first because of the cool texture. Then, I fell into a classic shopping trap.

I made the mistake of buying something because it was in the sale. I picked up this lovely Michael Kors V-neck  ( right) at a huge discount after Christmas last year. I remember thinking, that I didn’t need it, but I couldn’t resist the price, and I rationalized that was a good, basic wardrobe staple.

You know when you are in a shopping mood and you just want to buy something? I think I have worn it once, and that was out of guilt. I knew better, but I bought I anyway.

same red dresses

And now for the grand slam –  4 red dresses. Can you have too much of a good thing?

I’ve always loved red and feel my most confident in a red dress. It seems like I’ve been looking for the perfect red dress my whole life – my closet is proof of that. Take a look at these four dresses that are just a tad different from each other. Obviously, I like a lean, minimalist silhouette, which is fine because it really suits my body shape and personality.

The first red dress on the left was purchased several years ago from a French boutique. The next one, is Akris Punto. I bought it this year and wore it to New York Fashion Week ( paid too much, but I do love it).  I must have been having a mod moment when I bought the third one. It’s a shorter, shift-style dress, but still lovely and elegant. And the last one by Milly has a twist- a color block theme.

Even though three of the dresses are a few years old, the good thing is they are not dated. They’re classic, which means they always work. You just need to update them with the latest shoes and accessories.

Was I crazy to buy all these dresses that are so much the same? I guess you could argue that if color and or style looks fabulous on you, ROCK IT! …And these do look fab!

How about you? Do you have a few doubles, triples, or more in your closet? It’s not always a bad thing, but you have to watch you don’t fall into a “same old, same old”,  boring rut. It’s good to experiment once in a while with new looks, styles, prints, textures, and colors.

What items do you buy over and over and over again? Please let me know below.

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11 thoughts on “Do You Double Up On Style?

  1. Oh yes! I do. I have so many duplicates of black blouses. A few are similar in style but different materials. And 2 were the same style and material but differed in details. I have a few black dresses too, and a few different colors of 3/4 sleeve cotton shirts. I noticed that when I love a style, I want to wear them every day without realizing that I look like I didn’t change at all or have not washed my clothes. I noticed that on pictures too. It’s embarrassing that I look like I don’t have enough clothes in my closet and have no fashion sense. So I stopped doing that and became more careful when shopping. That’s when I learned to shop for the colors I wanted but differed in prints or try another color or style. Believe it or not, that helped widen my fashion perspective.

  2. I love polka dots! I have two polka dot dresses, too many blouses to count, a polka dot rain slicker, a polka dot umbrella, and a polka dot phone case! I try never to have more than one item revealed at a time. I’m not a match-matchy person. But I think polka dots are classic and happy!

  3. I know my colors and buy several styles in my most flattering. l. I have a cream turtle neck, cream long sleeve crew neck, cream long sleeved v neck, cream tee, and cream sleeveless. I have these in black, navy red, etc. I mix and match layers and make tons of outfits. They are classic and comfy. I belt and dress them up or down with scarves and jewelry. I have had some of these 15 years. They are timeless. In the long run, I save. I go very inexpensive on trendy items like a fringe purse for this year.

  4. I don’t remember ever buying anything similar; there are always more exciting styles each season to buy instead! The thing I am most guilty of though is resisting buying things I LIKE rather than NEED!!!

    I must try harder ONLY to BUY WHAT I NEED this year!!!!

  5. Left to my own devices, I will buy a white shirt every time. I love the look of a white shirt with jeans.

    When it comes to outerwear, I often think I’ll buy something neutral like gray – and then end up red. And then, after I’ve worn it a while, I’ll see some other color and wish I had that. But I have red jackets/coats for all seasons – a red raincoat, a red fleece jacket, a red wool coat, and a red down coat.

    Red coat, white shirt, jeans. Switch out accessories, and you’re good to go. Right? haha

    1. I have to confess to being guilty of this too. Hey, new year, new chance to clear out the closets, trash the stuff with rips/stains and either consign or donate the duplicates.

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