Is Tory Burch Your Style?

With clothing by American designers at the top of everyone’s Christmas wish list, I’ve decided to run a Salute To American Designer Series.

Over the holidays Fabulous After 40 Stylist, Morgan Mullin will be dissecting the elements of each designer’s style and showing us how to construct a fabulous look. Today we start with the very talented and contemporary, Tory Burch. Tory-Burch-Style

What is the Tory Burch Look?

Tory Burch made her name as the first ‘affordable luxury’ retailer, designing quality clothes that were a bit of a splurge, but still attainable for many women. These days the Pennsylvania-born designer is less known for the pricepoint, and more admired for her beautiful designs.

Tory Burch Style is a mix of one part ‘the 70s/boho and one part preppy. Her clothing is modern and wearable without being too trendy;  just the pick-me-up your closet needs! Let’s break it down:

Totally Tailored
At one end of the Tory Burch signature look are perfectly fitted, preppy pieces: think polo shirts, button-up blouses, and khaki pants – classic sportswear.

70’s Boho

At the other end are equally tailored ’70s-inspired Tory Burch staples such as fitted flares, turtlenecks, and tunics.

How She Mixes it Up 
To create the perfect contrast between polished and hippie, Burch often splashes exotic boho prints (like Aztec or batik) on her tailored pieces. Just take a look at this classic clean-lined coat above with its cool, ethnic print.


Other Ways to Mix Preppy + Boho and Get Tory Burch Style 

If the way you dress feels too classic and you want to inject more free spirit style, all you need to do is add one of Burch’s globe-trotting pieces to your wardrobes such as a printed tunic or some beaded earrings.

For example, here’s a popular Tory Burch-inspired look for summer.  Pair some fitted khakis with a loose, embroidered tunic. Or, combine a simple white blouse with flared jeans and a beaded bag. By combining classic sportswear with boho or vintage pieces,  you’ll look casual, a little creative, and very modern.

Cool and Colourful
Tory’s color combinations also help give her clothes a groovy vibe. Tory famously mixes orange and brown for a chic, the ’70s feel.  She’s also a fan of bright blue + tan, which have a similar feel. Try these color combinations in your wardrobe to get Tory Burch style.

Use accessories to Hit Your Tory Burch Sweet Spot

If your outfit is looking very boho and you want it to have more of a Tory Burch feel,  balance things out with a structured, monogrammed bag and simple jewelry like pearls or diamond studs. These are the perfect foil for bold caftan or wide-leg pants.

Outfit too preppy? A dose of boho in the way of a printed or woven bag beaded or feathered jewels, ankle booties, or straw sandals.

Remember it’s that mix of opposites – classic and boho that gives you a very Burch-like look!

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