Over 40 Summer Wardrobe Capsule & Capsule Course!

New Course for 2019 coming this June!

Capsule wardrobes are getting a lot of attention these days. Generally speaking, a capsule wardrobe is about a core group of items that all work with each other, and that can be combined in many ways to create many different outfits. You end up with fewer things that you wear more often. 

Capsule wardrobes can save you time, money, and make getting dressed easier. Here is an example of a casual capsule wardrobe for spring and summer.

Over 40 and 50 Capsule wardrobe - bottoms

1. Start with Some Neutral Bottoms

Start with a basic set of casual bottoms for spring and summer such as blue, white and colored jeans. Here are some examples.
Over 40 and 50 summer capsule wardrobe - tops

2. Add Some Neutral Tops

Next add some casual neutral tops that go with all the bottoms.
Capsule wardrobe over 40 and 50 - Lavender


3. Inject a Little Color

While an all-neutral capsule can be lovely, I like to keep it interesting by injecting a little color. In this example I’ve chosen lavender, a popular color this year.

4. Create Outfits

From the items I feature here, you can create dozens of different looks. Here are just a few examples below.

Capsule Wardrobe for Women over 40 - t-shirt, jeans and slide


Capsule wardrobe for women over 40 - colored jeans and floral top

Capsule wardrobe for women over 40 - white jeans and lavender t-shirt


Capsule wardrobe for women over 40 - black jeans and floral topOUTFIT # 4


Are you interested in learning more about capsule wardrobes for over-40 gals?

Be Sure to take my

Fabulous After 40 Wardrobe Capsule Course 

Starting June 17th we will be running a 4-week course where you will learn how to put together a summer wardrobe that will make you look and feel fabulous!

  • Learn the 10 essential pieces you need for summer
  • What accessories you’ll need to create modern, trendy capsules
  • How to mix and match like a pro
  • The one thing every capsule needs
  • How to know what colors to make your capsule to get maximum wear

You’ll get weekly webinars, handouts ( all you do is fill in the blanks), a private Facebook group, and buy links so you can purchase my suggestions or just shop your closet!

No more not knowing what to wear. No more wasting money$$$.

This is the course you need to finally dress the way you have been wanting to dress all these years with no hassle no fuss.

Cost of course only $149 ( you’ve spent more on something that is still hanging in your closet with the pricetags still on, never worn!)

Advance registration starts now. Email info@fabulousafter40 to confirm your spot and we will mail you a paypal link.

It’s going to be a great group of ladies and a whole lot of learning and fun!

Don’t miss it Glam Gal!!


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