Tipping Point: When To Try A New Style Or Give It Up?

woman- shopping- for- clothesHave you ever gone shopping, tried something on and wondered, “Does this look awful, or is it just me?” How do you know if a new trend looks awful on you or whether you’re just stuck in a serious style rut?

Welcome to the Tipping Point- that place of limbo where you must decide to either give a new style a try or just plain give it up!

Here’s a few helpful Do’s and Don’ts to help get you off this fashion fence.

1. DON’T blindly listen to sales people

We’ve all fallen into the trap of relying on a salesperson to talk us into buying something that deep down, we’re not crazy about. While there are some good salespeople out there, most are on commission. Although they mean well, they do want you to buy so always keep this in mind.

It’s better to listen to your gut about an outfit or develop a long-term relationship with a particular salesperson that you like and trust and who won’t steer you wrong.
Also, be sure to take a good look at how the sales person has put herself together. If she’s not looking so chic, how can you expect her to help you look chic?

2. DO take it home to test drive

The wonderful thing about shopping these days is that most stores have excellent return policies. If you’re not sure how you feel about something, take it home and try it out. It can look very different at home the next morning when you are more rested, or you are in a different light. Maybe you’ll even notice how well it works with something else in your closet or be inspired to keep it because of all the compliments you get from family members when you slip it on. Or, perhaps, you’ll realize that your instincts were right after all, and promptly return it.

Just be sure to keep the tags attached and keep all receipts and you should have no problem. Trust me…do this a dozen times, you’ll start to become more confident in your fashion choices and have to use this tactic only the odd time.

3. DON’T say no to the first garment you try on

Sometimes a new style can seem so foreign it takes a while to get used to. Take flared jeans. Your first reaction might be horrible! never! I could never look good in those! But I say try some on. Sometimes a new style takes getting used to. Other times you just have to find the right variation of a style to suit you. So with wide flares, maybe you need a smaller flare or a higher waisted flare. The key is to try on a few different pairs.

4. DO check out what other women are pulling off

If you’ve tried on a certain new style and you are not sure if it is age appropriate, take a day, and people watch what other fashionable gals are doing with the look. If you think chunky platform shoes will look too junior see if other stylish 40-somethings have them and what they are wearing with them to make them look so great. It’s all about the total look, so check out the small details. What style of clothes is she wearing with the shoes, how has she done her hair, what other accessories is she wearing? Also, notice the quality of the shoes she has on. All these details can shape how this trend will look on you.

5. DO be prepared to make mistakes

When you’ve fallen off the style track (or you feel you’ve never been on it), it’s going to take a while to get back on track. Be prepared to get it wrong sometimes and forgive yourself. So, you thought it looked great. You gave it a chance, and a month later hated it. This will happen. Don’t beat yourself up. Developing your personal style is a process.

6. DON’T buy clothes you are not in love with

In the end, the best way to determine whether a new style is right for you is to be in love with it. A reader tells me she tried on a pair of gorgeous low-rise dark green colored jeans that made her eyes pop. The color was perfect, but she just didn’t feel good in the low-rise no matter how many times she tried them on. That’s a good example of when you need to pass. If you don’t feel confident in what you are wearing, you will never look fabulous. Never! That’s the bottom line and the perfect way to politely tell a pushy salesperson to get off your back.

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