5 Types of Turtlenecks Trending Right Now & How to Style Them

Winter wouldn’t feel like winter without a warm, cozy turtleneck in your wardrobe. From slim-necked and classic to loose, chunky, and oversized, there’s sure to be a type of turtleneck that looks fabulous on you.

Here are five styles that are trending right now and ideas on how to wear them.

Turtleneck Sweaters - Peach relaxed neckline

1. Classic Tunic Turtleneck

One of the most popular types of turtlenecks this season is the classic tunic turtleneck. With its slim silhouette, roll-over neckline, and sporty side slits, it is the definition of casually chic. The softer, the better! This one is light, warm, and snuggly and only needs a pair of jeans to make you look gorgeous. I love that beautiful blush shade that complements any skin tone!


mock turtleneck- rust

2.  Mock Neck Sweater

A mock neck is similar to a classic turtleneck but with a shorter collar. Instead of the collar ending just under the jaw, it stops at Adam’s apple and does not need to be folded over.  This is a great style for women with shorter necks who don’t want their turtleneck to swallow them up or for anyone wanting a less bulky look than a rollover turtleneck.

This pretty rust mock neck sweater is right on trend at the moment because of the beautiful collar, which can be unbuttoned and folded down for a more relaxed look.


Turtleneck Sweater - Blue Funnel Neck

3.  Funnel Neck Sweater

Funnel neck sweaters are my favorite type of turtleneck. They are essentially mock neck sweaters, with the top of the collar a little wider than the bottom, just like a funnel. The collar on a funnel neck is an extension of the sweater rather than a separate piece sewn on. I think this makes them look very modern and artsy. (See the cashmere mock turtleneck I wore in the fall).

One of the nice things about a funnel neck (or mock neck) is keeping you warm without making your neck feel hot, stiff, or crowded.


cowl neck sweater

4.   Cowl Neck Sweater

Cowl necks sweaters are the most relaxed of turtlenecks and are a beautiful way to frame the face softly. If you are a gal, who is very curvy or busty and doesn’t want a lot of bulk up top, the soft drape will work well for your shape.


Turtleneck Sweaters - Blue Sleeveless

5.  The Sleeveless Turtleneck


This classic sleeveless turtleneck is a very sexy look and is great for the gal who loves to show off her toned arms. I think it looks sleek and sensational tucked into a pair of cropped waist tie pants. Add some heels and a fab bag, and you have a very sophisticated look. Did you see this in the blush color too? It’s stunning!

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3 thoughts on “5 Types of Turtlenecks Trending Right Now & How to Style Them

  1. Very informative, but no mention of ‘scrunched’ turtle necks; my personal favorite way to style slim fold over ones. When shopping on line I try to avoid those floppy, saggy ones, but unless they give you a clue in the description sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell by the pictures. I suspect they may be deliberately vague.

  2. Turtlenecks are not a great look for the older crowd, they emphasize jowls and emphasize an aging neck (with some styles. )

    1. Hi Jane, I think you hit the nail on the head..with some styles. If they are very close fitting and you have a jowly neck they can emphasize things, but a softer, looser turtleneck or cowl neck can be quite flattering.

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