How to Wear This Unusual Fall Color from Eileen Fisher

Every fall, there’s a new color or two that looks really exciting, but leaves you wondering if or how you can wear it. Today I’m pleased to be partnering with Nordstrom to talk about an unusual new hue you’ll find in their Eileen Fisher Collection, and how it can work for you.

Green sweater gold scarf 1

Nordstrom has one of the best collections of Eileen Fisher going this season. Not only are there some gorgeous, casually chic pieces, but the colors are very fashion forward.

green sweater gold scarf 2

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This is what I’m talking about. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a color anything like this!

The golden green tones in my pretty Herringbone scarf are right on trend. Pantone (the world leader in color) has identified a couple of shades within this color family: Golden Curry – an exotic, spicy yellow, and Golden Olive- a sturdy, strong yellow-green. Looking at their color chips, this scarf is a little more curry than Olive, but it’s close. See here….

green sweater gold scarf 3-2

I’ve always been a fan of Eileen Fisher scarves because they can magically transform an outfit. When I first spotted this vibrant Eileen Fisher scarf at Nordstrom, I was excited to try it on.

I always find that one of the best ways to test out a new color that you’re not too sure of is with a scarf. Sometimes it takes a while to get used to a color, and an accessory like a scarf is a good way to build up your color confidence.

green sweater gold scarf 5

Other times, you may find you like a certain color, but wearing too much of it doesn’t work well for you. For example, it may wash you out, or it may be too overpowering.  Often, if you mix it with another color (like this gorgeous Spruce Green sweater), it can look even better than wearing the color, alone.

I think this combo of the very luxurious, dark green Eileen Fisher cashmere sweater (also available in plus size) and the Curry Wool Scarf is really cozy looking, but exciting looking too. The scarf gives the dark top a fabulous burst of energy.

I’m wearing my sweater and scarf with a pair of the most fantastic Eileen Fisher Ponte Pants. The cut is superb, and they are so soft, stretchy and comfy! Some of you have told me that you like very slim pants, but you don’t like them tight at the ankles. This pull-on style lies close to your body but is straight cut, not skinny at the ankle, which is wonderful and often hard to find.

black suede sneakers 6

I’ve become a sneaker’s gal. For everyday, real life I find myself wearing cute statement sneakers more and more. They’re so easy to slip on when you are going to the mall, or out to do a few errands. I’m into comfort these days, but I want my shoes to be cute and sporty too. These Halogen black suede statement sneakers ( which are Nordstrom’s house brand) are perfect for that.

green sweater gold scarf 7

O.k.,  let’s get back to that scarf for a moment. Here’s a close-up look of this beautiful plaid scarf and all the subtle texture, pattern and color play.

You also get a better view of the interesting crisscross ribbing on my cashmere sweater. You can tell this whole outfit is QUALITY – which is what Eileen Fisher is all about. I really appreciate that, and the fact that Nordstrom always has such a good selection in stock. Eileen Fisher clothing looks beautiful, and always feels so soft and luxurious.

green sweater gold scarf 8

Little details like the slits at the sides of my sweater really kick the outfit up a notch too!

green sweater gold scarf 9

I just wanted to mention my bag, in case you were wondering about it. It’s from Tory Burch at Nordstrom. It’s another simple, understated piece of this fabulous ensemble. If you scroll back a few photos, you will see it how easy and elegant it looks.

green sweater gold scarf 10

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So there’s the recipe for trying a new color. First, visit Eileen Fisher at Nordstrom and check out all the cool new pieces in many beautiful, fashion forward colors. If you don’t want to go crazy with an untested new color ( like curry), try it in small doses combined with a quieter, darker color (like spruce green).

Now, for those of you who say to heck with that, and you’re ready to dive right in and wear this color full-out, stay tuned. On Tuesday I will be showing you another Eileen Fisher greeny-gold piece from Nordstrom that is much more of statement maker. See you then!

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3 thoughts on “How to Wear This Unusual Fall Color from Eileen Fisher

  1. I have loved “Mustard” forever, with every colour of hair I had . So happy to see it back in style. Will have scarf added to my wardrobe at least. Looks beautiful on you….

  2. Those are some of my favorite colors. I tried the golden mustard color last fall in a pair of jeans. I think I may go for the scarf to tie in with other colors in my fall wardrobe. Checking out Nordstrom. thanks

  3. Wow. This yellow scarf is majestic. Your clothing combinations are magnificent. I think without the scarf it wouldcbe a casual outfit, but with this yellow scarf the outfit is awesome!

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