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What to Wear to a Christening

A christening marks the beginning of an exciting journey in a child’s life, and if you are attending one this spring as the grandmother, godmother, or guest, no doubt you’re proud and happy. You’re might also wondering what’s appropriate to wear? Here are some guidelines to help you decide what to wear to a christening as a guest.

What to wear to a Christening - White Lace dress and pink heels outfit for grandmother styled by Fabulous After 40

What to Wear to a Baby Christening – Grandmother

If you’re the baby’s grandmother, first of all, congratulations! You’ll definitely want to look your best for all the beautiful family pictures that will be taken that day!

The number one ‘rule’ is to follow the lead of the baby’s mother, whether that be your daughter or daughter-in-law but generally speaking, when it comes to what to wear, think classic, tailored, and soft, delicate colors that befit the occasion. Solid-colored christening guest dresses are a popular choice because prints and patterns can date. If you want to wear a print, florals are usually your best bet.

You’ll also want to feel comfortable and be ready to help out wherever you can. No doubt you’ll be greeting family and guests and be called on to help settle a fussy baby from time to time. Make sure your outfit is easy to move around in and elegant enough for your important role.

A pretty lace shift dress like this one checks all the boxes. Lace is classic and ladylike, just the thing you’d expect to find someone wearing to church. Plus the bell sleeves on this dress will make you – look like a very modern grandma!

Keep your shoes and accessories delicate and soft to match the formality and color of your soft-colored outfit.  If you do crave a hint of color somewhere, add just a small dose. This pretty floral bag complements the colors in this outfit, while the knockout print gives things some punch.


What to wear to a christening - Navy shift dress with nude heels for Godmother styled by Fabulous After 40


What to Wear to a Christening  – Godmother

Not sure what to wear to a christening if you are the godmother? Be sure to start by checking in with the baby’s mother to see what she is wearing and to get a feel for the general tone of the event. Your job is to be a supporting act who complements, not upstages what mom is wearing.

Since the christening will likely be taking place inside a church, you’ll also want to be careful not to show too much skin. Sleeveless dresses are usually acceptable ( although some faiths may require arms covered).  Short skirts or low-cut dresses that show cleavage aren’t the right choices for this blessed occasion.

You can never go wrong with a modest, elegant, figure-flattering dress that has modern details. The nipped-in waist on this navy sheath dress accentuates your curves or creates the illusion of curves if your figure has seen better days. (LOL!)

Navy is a formal, sophisticated color that always looks right at this type of affair. Look closely at this pretty dress, and you’ll see intersecting laddered insets that make a modern statement.  Bell sleeves are another beautiful element and add a soft, romantic touch.

Between standing at the baptismal altar at the front of the church, to posing for pictures outside on the lawn, you’ll likely be on your feet most of the day. Wearing a comfy, cute pair of block heel shoes or sandals can really help.


What to wear to a christening as a Guest - Blue floral dress and pink heels for Christening guest styled by Fabulous After 40

Other Appropriate Christening Guest Outfits

Guests can get away with a little more regarding color and pattern, but you still need to be mindful of the solemnity of the occasion and venue. In other words, dress up and make sure you don’t let it all hang out! A tailored pantsuit is lovely, and so is a floral dress, or even a skirt and a pretty blouse.

If you do go with a floral, make sure it’s a modern floral.  Forgo tiny flowers in favor of bigger, bolder ones, arranged in a unique or avant-garde manner. See the placement of flowers on this figure-flattering blue floral sheath dress? (I also love the sleeves on this dress. It can be hard to find a dress with sleeves these days. The elbow-length ones on this dress make it look so classy!


Coordinate your accessories with your dress. While a nude shoe always works, I love a blush pink shoe this spring. Blush has become a new neutral in recent years. It’s fresh and youthful and goes with almost anything. It also gives you the same leg-elongating benefits of a nude shoe.

No matter what you wear to a Christening party, be sure you wear something that makes you feel special. This is a beautiful and joyous event.  Enjoy the Christening and all the fun that comes with getting dressed up for this very special day that you’ll never forget!

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  1. I agree that it’s best not to show too much skin during a christening event since you can expect to be in a church. My sister asked me to accompany her because she will attend a christening mass in a church. The baby’s mother is her best friend, and she wants to show her support. I’ll be sure to look as decent and professional as possible.

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