What to Wear When It’s Bloody Cold Outside!

‘Brrr.’ If you’re like me, you’ve been saying that a lot lately what with the cold snap that hit large parts of North America recently. And you might also have been wondering what to wear when you need to bundle up but still want to look chic. Here are some ideas of what to wear when its bloody cold outside!

What to wear when it's cold outside

Everyday Out and About

The trick to looking good while you’re trying to stay warm is to wear pieces that are both practical and stylish. Take this parka for example. On the practical side of the equation, it is filled with warm down to keep you cozy, is long enough to cover your bottom and thighs, and has a good quality hood that will keep your head warm on windy, snowy days. But, unlike some down parkas that can make you look big and bulky, this one is constructed, so it nips in nicely at the waist and gives you some shape.

Footwear is also key, and again, you want to look for something that is cute but keeps your feet warm and dry. These waterproof suede booties are perfect. Not only do they look good, the wedge heel keeps you secure when you’re walking around town on snow and ice.

And don’t forget to add a pop of bright color to an every-day winter outfit to liven things up and remind you that spring and summer are just around the corner. The pretty pink cashmere blend sweater will perk you up when you are feeling the winter blues.

Dressy outfit for when it's cold outside

Cold Weather Glam

If you’re a gal with a more glam style personality, there are ways to look chic in a winter sweater and parka!  By choosing cold-weather pieces with upscale details, you can both stay true to your glam aesthetic and stay warm too. This tie-front cashmere tunic is a perfect example of a  cold weather look that’s snuggly and fashion forward.

As for parkas, glam parkas have upscale details like satin, metallic, fur or an interesting color or belt. This maxi parka  has a rich gold satin finish and lots of stitching which makes it sophisticated and luxurious. The belted waist helps tame the puffiness of a coat like this, giving it a beautiful silhouette.

Boots are where you can really have fun when it comes to dressing glam in cold weather. These fur-trimmed boots have that Russian doll vibe that’s been so popular this fall. They’re super elegant for women who love snowy weather, just not tromping through it ( LOL!) In other words, they’re warm,  look good, but you wouldn’t want to be walking through slush in these.  Finish off your look with an upscale chain strap bag and cold weather wear never looked so glamorous.

Casual look what to wear when it's cold outside

Sporty Weekend Casual

When you’re hacking around on the weekend doing nothing special, you want comfort clothes. A low-key sweater like this blue flecked turtleneck is the answer. It’s loose and a little more rugged looking but not heavy and chunky. Once again, these pieces do a great job of balancing cold-weather practicality with style. The shorter, hooded jacket has a sporty feel that’s right at home with jeans and hiking style booties.The sturdy sole and heel on this pair will keep you secure on all terrains.

Even still, we’re not sacrificing style.  Interesting details like the drawstring waist on the parka and the marled cuff on the boot draw the eye. And the green jacket paired with cognac boots and bag is a refreshing change from black that really ups the style quotient. A cashmere scarf is a warm and attractive layering piece!

Time to bundle up and get ready to go! How about you? What are your tricks for staying chic and warm?

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I *just* ordered FIVE long puffer coats to try on in this horrid cold that seems never ending. I’d love a segment on puffer coats for body types. I’m a pear and am looking for chevrons that point down and a nipped-in waist, but minimizing the bubble butt and covering it in puff is proving a great puzzle. How to balance out the butt?

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