Neutral Color Block Sweaters Classic Gals Love

Are you a classic gal who loves timeless pieces and traditional colors but yearns for something a little more creative looking from time to time? Colorblocking adds an artsy edge, and you don’t even have to combine bright colors or many colors to achieve the look. Neutrals and darker hues work just fine. Check out the latest in color block sweaters that are classic and creative looking too.

Colorblock Sweater - Pink


Soft and Feminine

It only takes two colors to make a beautiful color block look. This pretty pink and gray sweater is light, low contrast, and feminine. It also comes in a rich-looking camel and off white ( or border types can go for a dash of hot pink). Add your favorite jeans, some creamy booties, and a blush purse to match the pink, and you have a pretty, casual color block outfit.

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Sporty Colorblock Sweater

Black, white and gray with a splash of red is a very classic color combo. Since it’s more high contrast than pale pink and gray, this color block sweater looks more sporty. The stripes help create that effect too. Add a red bag to make this outfit pop and some comfy neutral runners, and you have a youthful, fresh look.

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Diagonal Color-Blocked Sweater

Brown and black is always such an elegant European color combo, and when you lay them side by side on the diagonal, you have a very artsy look. This interesting sweater looks great with thick Ponte leggings and tall suede boots. A chic black hobo bag and beaded earrings finish off the look.

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Color Block Ruana

A gorgeous cape or ruana is a wonderful way to incorporate darker fall colors in a color block look. I love the tones in this deep rich piece that looks very classy with an all-black outfit. These stunning booties add a pop of color that pulls the whole look together. The quilted chain bag has a Chanel feel and is the chic finishing touch. This is the perfect fall weekend outfit!


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14 thoughts on “Neutral Color Block Sweaters Classic Gals Love

  1. Deborah:
    I love the color block jacket colors. It reminds me of the colors on an item of clothing in my youth. It made me feel young and hopeful just looking at it. Where do they sell it?

    Thank you.

  2. I’m hearing what people are saying with regards to color blocking, not sure myself but the outfits look stunning, nice pics.

  3. I like this look, but I am a bit petite (5.2) and not sure if the blocking will make me look shorter. How can I elongate my height using this look?

  4. Hi Deb,
    Love your site.
    As far as color blocking. It can be great with the right colors in the right places. Wrong colors and places can be a disaster. For Example, An Apple shape wearing a light color across her belly with dark above and below. That
    would be a mess. So, Please take your body type into consideration when you bare this new very fun trend!

  5. Love the whole color blocking trend. I’m afraid that it just isn’t meant for us petites though. Do you think at 4ft.11in. there would any way for me to incorporate this fantastic trend? Of course shoes and pocketbooks would be ok but what about dresses?

  6. I’m having flashbacks to the 90’s when my teenaged daughter wore color blocked sweaters. Don’t know if I can rock this or not. Might be worth a try though.

    1. Hi Memaw,
      There are lots of ways to try color blocking… with just a top and sweater or scarf. It is really just combining fun colors! Looking through a recent Oprah magazine, I notice that many of the women in the magazine, including Oprah are dressed this way and it looks wonderful!

  7. Didn’t think I would like any of these but the colours and styles of the pictures besides ‘Wow and wearable’ and ‘if bright colours scare’ like really nice. Even the ‘looks like these are the colours’ picture looks fabulous. Thanks.

  8. Just found you, beautiful lady. Thank you for your blog! I love everything about it, fashion, beautiful, looking youthful but yet appropriate. Life begins after 40!!!

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks for your kind words and welcome!!! I hope you will join my mailing list (top right) and keep the comments coming, I LOVE to hear from my readers and want to know what your thoughts are and how I might help!! Great to hear your voice on my blog!

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