3 Cute Outfits For Your Caribbean Cruise

Headed off to the sunshine this winter on a relaxing Caribbean cruise? Here’s a look at the latest cruisewear trends to make you look Fabulous After 40.

1. Cropped Pants

womens cropped pants

womens cropped pants


Maybe you like shorts or maybe there’s just no way you’d ever consider them, but a pair of cute, cropped summer pants is a must for everybody. Whether you choose just past the knee capris or pants cropped just above the ankle, be sure to select a pair that taper in for a more flattering, chic look.

What you wear up top is your choice, but it’s always nice to go with something slightly tropical in keeping with the cruise vibe. Look for tops that are halter, style, off the shoulder, keyhole or have an interesting detail so you look more vacation like and festive.

Wear your outfit with some cute dangly earrings ( dangly communicates fun and sexy) and a pair of  comfy, flat sandals for a laid back holiday look.

2. A Cute Sundress


Cute Sundress for women

Cute Sundress for women

What would summer be without a flirty, feminine sundress? Bold stripes in this sunny yellow dress give it a nautical appeal and make it perfect for life on ship.

Don’t forget a little sweater for when it gets breezy on deck. Gold sandals, a wicker clutch and some pretty jewelry take this dress from something you could wear shipping in port, to an outfit you’d wear if you went for the bar for cocktails before dinner.

If you prefer more coverage, maxi dresses are perfect for a cruise too.

3. A Glam Bathing Suit


black bathing suit and cover-up for a cruise

black bathing suit and cover-up for a cruise

Life at sea cruising from one destination to the next means lots of time lounging by the pool. A swimsuit is one item you will probably want to splurge on.

Go all out and tell your fashion story. Find yourself a glamorous bathing suit, movie star sunglasses and a chic tote.

Don’t forget a fabulous cover-up. It’s a necessity when you are running off to the buffet or the spa in between sun tanning and dips in the pool. Enjoy!

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  1. Cheryl Lumpkin says:

    I am a young 61 and must wear support hose. Can I wear shorts,with a cute pair of support trouser socks & sleek athletic shoes? I live in Florida and its very hot in summer. To deal with the heat I currently wear support trouser socks that have no feet to them and I wear leggings on top of these. Big shirts, tunics & short dresses finish them off. I would like a change.What do you suggest?

    Thanks so much,

  2. Lisa Keenan says:

    I have to say, I totaly disagree with your take on the gladiator sandals. They make anyone’s legs look short and dumpy IMO, and thigh high ones just look like you are in some weird sort of shackle. Forget it. Not age appropriate and not flattering on anyone, much less the over-45 crowd.

  3. I am so disgusted at plus size swimsuits! I have put back on the 40lbs. I had lost last year, so now I’m back into a size 18. I like bright, bold colors for swimsuits and instead when you go to bigger sizes, the colors are so bland and ugly!! Browns, and of course blacks, and dark blues. I think these colors are depressing and a plus size woman would like to have nice bright colored material. I think it’s very discriminatory that companies do not make swimsuits in nice bright material like normal size woman, instead they use drab, dark colors. Why is that?? It’s so unfair and frustrating!! Thank you, Lisa