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3 Glam Ways to Wear Jeans at Christmas

Nothing comes between some gals and their jeans, not even the holiday season. If you love denim, and you’re looking for ideas on how to dress it up, that’s pretty easy.

Just look for tops in luxurious holiday fabrics and vibrant colors, and add bling!  Here are three examples of glam ways to add some holiday sizzle to your favorite pair of casual jeans.

Holiday Tops for Jeans - Red Satin Top

1. Turn Up the Shine with a Satiny Blouse!

Any shiny fabric is going to make you look more festive this time of year and does wonder to dress up jeans. This romantic, red cowl neck blouse with its flowing sleeves is a great example. It is as smooth and shiny as a Christmas ribbon, feminine and effortless. I guarantee it will give you that Christmas glow.

I’ve paired it with these super cute jeans that have dainty touches of embroidery at the pockets and ankles. A little detail like this makes your outfit so much more dressy than everyday jeans. Strappy pumps, glittering earrings, and a sparkly clutch also upscale the outfit and make you look ready to party.

Holiday Tops for Jeans - Gold Sequin

2.  Sprinkle in Some Sparkle

Sequins are another way to kick things up a notch. This glamorous sequined t-shirt takes a pair of jeans to an entirely different level. I’ve teamed it up with a pair of sleek black pants with lace at the hem -Talk about feminine! This top is truly a Wow piece that you can have in your closet for years and mix and match with your other favorite pieces like dress pants or an elegant black or white skirt.

It would also make an ideal New Year’s Eve outfit if you want to feel relaxed but unique,  or wear it on any occasion where sparkle is called for.

Holiday Tops for Jeans - Black Velvet Wrap Top

3. Slip on a Luxurious Velvet Top

As far as fabrics go, nothing says holiday time more than velvet. I can remember being a little girl and my mother dressing me in a velvet dress for Christmas. Fast-forward to today, and I’m a big girl who would love to dress up in this gorgeous velvet wrap top. Jeans with a velvet stripe add extra pizzazz.  Keep your accessories light, and with just a touch of embellishment, so nothing detracts from this lovely top.

White jeans would also look great with this black velvet top, especially if you live in a warmer climate.

Do you live in jeans? How do you dress them up this time of year?

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