How to Wear Red Ankle Booties To Energize An Outfit

Red Ankle Booties are like an exclamation point. They punctuate your look! What’s the best way to wear them?

red ankle booties

ribbed mock neck | houndstooth pants


Pair Red Ankle Booties with a Black and White Outfit

Red ankle booties command attention, so to avoid looking too loud or flashy, try wearing neutrals. This chic black and white outfit is a good example of how to do it right.



See how the red booties pop and give the outfit life? When you wear too many colors with red ankle booties, especially bright colors, you run the risk of looking like you escaped from the circus. These booties don’t have to compete. They take center stage. Other great neutrals to wear with red booties besides black or white include navy, gray, and cream. Light or dark denim works well too.

Classic Styles Always Work

Red booties are trendy and a little bit out there, so if you want to feel confident trying out this trend, then wear red booties with something classic. For example, try red ankle booties and a sleek navy sheath dress, or pair red ankle booties with these traditional cropped houndstooth pants. I’ve paired my pants with a black ribbed mock turtleneck for a no-fail look. I love the way the cropped top gives the outfit a modern kick.

Choose Good Quality Red Ankle Booties

There are red ankle booties, and there are red ankle booties. Some look like a million bucks, and some look like part of a Halloween costume. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but quality counts. Cheap dyes and poor finishes on some red leather booties or suede leather booties can be so bright and shiny (or distressed) that the boots look tacky.

Keep it Elegant

Also, beware of red booties with a lot of busy detail or hardware. There’s already enough going on with the power of red. A refined, sleek style with a pointy toe and not too high a heel guarantees a chic look. A thicker heel can work, too, if you want a more casual vibe.

Should your purse be black, or red?

For a sophisticated look, a black purse like this Gucci Velvet quilted bag with this outfit tones down the red.

If you want to look more fun or artistic, go for a red bag if you like. It’s totally up to you. I’d suggest limiting your look to a couple of pops of red. It’s classiest that way. Here’s one more look at my bold red booties. I’m ready to kick up a storm and take on the day!


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