What To Wear To The Beach After 40

Sex-and-the-City-DubaiHi Deborah,

I would love your advice on how to dress age-appropriate to go to the beach and  for swimming too. Thank you! Liliana.

Hi Lilana,

Nothing beats a big hat,  a pair of  gorgeous sunglasses, metallic sandals and a fabulous coordinating swimsuit + cover up for the beach to look chic lounging by the water.

This year designers took their inspiration from the latest Sex and the City movie set in Abu Dhabi (and shot in Morocco). Did you see Sex and the City 2 with Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls?

Didn’t you love all the colorful, flowing,  draped outfits ? When I went shopping online for beach cover ups that’s what I was attracted to.

Take a look at these gorgeous finds:

Goddess on the Beach 
OOOh the drama! Here’s a great way to make a statement without having to put on a eensy weensy bikini!This knotted scarf sheer beach cover up cover-up is simple & elegant and the vibrant colors and  modern graphic pattern add a youthful zest. This has a matching strapless bathing suit. (Saks)

sheer beach cover up

Sheer beach cover up

Peasant Jewel 
Do you have a bohemian side? This peasant style beach cover up dress from Diane Von Furstenberg  coverup is more on the boho side, but still very classy and grown -up  because of the  deep rich burgundy color.The empire waist nicely hides any flabby tummy.(Saks)

burgundy beach coverup

Long beach cover up

Sassy Kaftan
If you’re legs still look pretty hot, then show them off in this eye-catching black beach cover up. I love the contrast of the bright colors against the black and the cute kimono style sleeves. From Trina Turk.

eye catching kimono sleeved caftan

Black beach cover up

Elegant Seduction
Helloooo Mrs. Robinson! Don’t go near the sweet young pool boy in this number Mrs. Robinson, or you may get more than your pool cleaned! This is one very sexy beach cover up. (Saks)

sexy beach coverup black

sexy beach cover up

Animal Appetite 
Grrr. It’s a jungle out there and you’re the Tigress in this lush and electrifying jungle beach dress cover up by Diane Von Furstenberg. All that yellow and warm green tends to look great on gals with warm coloring -peach or golden skin, or on anyone with a great tan.(Saks)

green beach coverup dress

Green beach coverup dress

Fun and Flirty Moroccan 
A little glitz always looks fab at the beach, or by the pool. That’s why we like this Lily Pulitzer, pearly, beaded tunic beach cover up with its asymmetrical hemline. Nice and easy, loose and breezy, and 100% pure cotton, so very comfortable! The neutral gold sandal is the perfect choice (white sandal would be a little too matchy-matchy with the white beading, so not as modern.(Saks)

tunic beach coverup

Beaded tunic beach cover up

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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Really like the Peasant Jewel. Just may get that confidence up to go to the beach again. :)

  2. Used to love to visit the beach with my family. Now when they talk about going to beach I cringe. Swimsuit doesn’t quite fit the way it used to. Thanks to you, I just may get that confidence back. I really like the Peasant Jewel. :)

  3. Hi Deb, I have been searching for fashion advice for that most awkward of ages: mine (50). So far, your website shows some great ideas but the picture of the actresses from SATC II shlepping over the dunes like a group of demented hobos was too much. Are they really your inspiration for beach wear or any kind of wear?

  4. bikini after 45: yes or no?

  5. I still go for the two piece. It’s too hot at the beach to be all covered up!

  6. The first one would be all purpose if it ended at the calf.

    I really like these looks, and would wear just about all of them, but to me most of these cover ups say yacht, cruise, classy resort. (and maybe even bedtime, as in night gown). There are less dramatic choices for middle-class poolside, state park or beach.

    A sportier look serves well in most of my water-side activities like the Fun and Flirty Moroccan – excellent!

  7. Great options…Love them all.