Confidence Boosting Swimsuit Coverups

Finding a swimsuit that flatters your figure is only half the battle when it comes to looking and feeling fabulous at the beach.

Beach Coverup Deborah Boland


A pretty beach cover-up also helps boost your confidence and adds sizzle to your look. Here are 6 popular styles trending right now!



swimsuit coverup poncho

Tie-Front Coverup

1. Festive Ponchos

Festive ponchos make cute swimsuit coverups because of their laid-back, bohemian feel.  Most are inspired by global hotspots like Mexico, India, Spain, or the tropics.  Ethnic prints and boho details like tassels or pom-poms can are popular too and add a touch of fun.

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2. Colorful, Breezy Beach Tunics  

Many of the best swimsuit coverups are colorful, light, and breezy for the beach. Choose a tropical print or ethnic print with a v-neck and wide and flowing sleeves for a totally glamorous look. You can get more use out of one of these than you think. Layer a light tunic over a tank top and wear it with white skinny cropped pants. It’s perfect for when you go for drinks on the patio after a day at the beach.

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swimsuit coverup white


3. Summer White Cover-Ups

White swimsuit coverups are always so fresh and crisp in summer. They’re also a great way to stay cool because they reflect sunlight.  Some of the newest ways to wear a white coverup are draped, off the shoulder, or with a peek-a-boo lace-up front. If you like a tan (real or faux), nothing shows it off better than white!

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swimsuit coverup sheer

Hooded Gauze Coverup

4. Sheer, Sexy Beach Cover Ups

Some like their cover-ups sweet, and some like them sexy. If that’s you, then there are some beautiful coverups made from sheer fabric. Choose from a black chiffon style, a glamorous classic, or go for something contemporary like a bright sheer coverup that’s loaded with texture. This sheer lavender coverup made with sheer gauzy fabric is fresh and fabulous.

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swimsuit coverup maxi


5. Maxi Dress Cover Ups

Maxi dresses are another great option for a day at the beach.  Choose a maxi in a soft, comfy fabric, so you can roll it up and throw it into a beach bag if you need to.  A maxi is one of the best beach cover-ups if you are a gal who craves more coverage. Don’t forget your floppy hat!

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swimcoverup sporty

Hooded Sweater Coverup

6. Sporty, New, and Different

If you are sick of the same old thing, then why not go for something a little different. Swimsuit cover-ups that are more like short dresses are always popular when you want to go from pool to patio. 

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Have fun, beach babe!

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18 thoughts on “Confidence Boosting Swimsuit Coverups

  1. There are so many cute coverups to choose from now. I have a hard time not buying them all.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      The models are under 40, and there is nothing I can do about that. I work with all the chains and department stores that use young models. It is frustrating, for sure.
      At times I crop off the heads of the models and show the clothes.
      I’m taking a poll and would love to know which you prefer..seeing a young model wear the clothes or having me crop off their heads.

      Here’s a post with an example:
      Cheers, Deborah

  2. There are few occasions to worry about what to wear to the beach here in Alberta. But at our place in AZ, I like to wear a tunic as a coverup at the pool. I also have a white men’s shirt about 25 years old that is my ‘go-to’ coverup. It comes to mid-thigh, and I roll up my sleeves. I love it.

    1. Hi Tina,
      I can relate to caring more about cover-ups now at this age!
      There are so many great cover-ups these days; it is when you find the right one. I like the elegant shorter kaftan style ones with a pattern that is a little bit sheer. They are so light and flowy. Once I throw on my sunglasses and gold sandals, I feel like a movie star. Have fun at the beach. Cheers! Deborah

    1. I’m turning 40 this year, and I am not giving up the bikini. I’ve been using wraps for some years now, although I also still use the standard T-shirt & shorts too.

    2. I agree that it depends on how you feel. I’m over 50 and wore a two-piece tankini with a skirted bottom to a water park. I wish I had worn my bikini. So many women with bikinis were having so much fun. Why not? ????

  3. I like these looks and would wear just about all of them, but to me, most cover-ups say yacht, cruise, or classy resort. (and maybe even bedtime, as in a nightgown). There are less dramatic choices for middle-class poolside, state park, or beach.

    A sportier look serves well in most of my water-side activities like the Fun and Flirty Moroccan – excellent!

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