Gift Guide: Fab Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!

You know what my favorite part of Christmas is? It’s not the big expensive gifts. What I love is a really good Christmas stocking!

Do you need some last-minute stocking stuffers? Amazon has some fun and cool things that are sure to be a big hit on Christmas Day! p.s. If you know Santa will be struggling with what put in your stocking, send him this list!

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Fabulous Stocking Stuffers Tried and Recommended by Me!

1. High-Grade Hyaluronic Serum –  My dermatologist always recommends La Roche-Posay, and I have been using their sunscreen for years, so it’s no surprise I also love their hyaluronic serum. There are many similar serums on the market to plump up your skin. This also has B5, and I know this one works. My skin is juicy and full when I use this under my moisturizer, especially in the dry winter. A great find!

2. Vegan Spa Clay Mask Trio – These cute vegan-based clay masks are fun and just the right size to slip into a Christmas stocking. Rose (pink)  is for moisturizing, Turmeric (yellow) is to brighten, and Avocado and Green Tea (green) is to nourish. Comes with an applicator.

3. No Touch Sleep Eye Mask – You will love this one if you use an eye mask to doze off. Most eye masks squish up against your face and eyes. This one is concave – molded from foam, and will not touch your eyes. There’s no pressure on the eyes; the eye space is wider and deeper than other masks. Talk about comfy!

4. Buxom Full Plumping Lip Balm – This lip balm makes your lips full. Buxom is the perfect color, too. This magically moist balm works with your skin’s pH to give you the ideal color.

5. Moisturizing Sleep Socks – Have you ever put Vaseline or cream on your dry, cracked feet and worn socks to bed? Your feet get pretty hot. The fuzzy moisturizing sleep socks have gel-lined heels infused with vitamin E, jojoba seed oil, and olive oil. Plus, they’re open-toe,  so no sweaty feet!  Wake up to beautifully smooth heels in the morning. Washable and reusable.

6. Milk and Honey Revitalizing Cuticle Oil – My hair and skin have become super dry as I age, including my cuticles. This rich, gorgeous, vitamin-infused cuticle oil that smells like milk and honey has helped my nails tremendously, and the tilted bottle makes it so handy to apply the oil with one hand!

7. Compact Lighted Travel Mirror – This darling, mini Hollywood-style makeup mirror is among my favorite finds. It has a regular lighted mirror on one side and a 3x mirror on the other. Perfect for dark places when you want to check your makeup, like the car at night or a dim restaurant.

8. Marine Collagen Gummie Bears– Everyone takes collagen to help with their bones and joints, but sometimes it’s hard to remember to get your daily dose. These cute bear collagen gummies are an easy reminder, and they taste so good you’d think they were candy! 

9. Mango Exfoliating Body Polish –  Many exfoliating polishes are nothing more than oil and salt. And while that’s fine, Dove has come out with a more luxurious scrub I prefer. This gorgeous mango butter wash with crushed almonds is thick, creamy, and smells heavenly. You get a great scrub with a foamy wash all in one. The result – silky, smooth skin. Gorgeous!

10. Anti-Aging Snail Mucin Cream – When workers at a snail farm in Chile noticed their hands had become incredibly soft, they chalked it up to mucin- snails excrete as they inch across the ground. It’s the main ingredient in this weird Amazon cult favorite moisturizer! I was skeptical at first, but now I’m a believer. This amazing gooey white cream full of hyaluronic acid and amino acids gives you instantly soft and moist skin. I can’t get enough.

11. Blingy Bangle Bracelet is a pretty bracelet that looks like a Cartier bangle but under $15. This cute gold bling with cubic Zirconia stones would be thrilling to find in your stocking on Christmas morning!

12. Compact Portable Makeup Brush Set I love handy brush sets, and this is a good one. This compact set has a retractable blush brush on one side and 3 handy eye makeup and lip brushes on the other. Perfect to throw in your purse and save room or for travel!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!


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