How Not to Look Old in Florals After 40

Florals dresses are one of the first things you think of when it comes to spring and summer fashion, but at a certain age, many women start wondering if floral dresses, or floral anything, will make them look old?

Ladies, Nothing could be further from the truth!  Today’s florals are bold, bright, and sophisticated and will make you look fresh and modern. Here are a few style tips for how to look fabulous in florals over 40.

floral dress eggplant

1. Pick a Modern Floral

The great thing about the current crop of floral dresses is there are so many types to choose from. You aren’t stuck with faded, tiny traditional blooms, which in truth are aging. Bright, cheery florals, dark, moody florals, pastel florals – the choice is yours.


Floral-Top- capris

Bigger, bolder blooms, exotic and abstract, close together or spread far apart floral prints that make a statement are in style.


2. Go for a Simple, Unfussy Design

A modern floral + a clean, simple silhouette is a recipe for fabulous.  A floral dress or top that has too much frill or flounce can be aging.


3. Mix a Floral with a Solid

Floral jeans can be cute, but how do you wear them without looking too over the top? Try pairing tone things down them with a solid colored top to pull your look together. A neutral color will Make sure you pick a color that you’d find in the floral print of your pants so there is unity and you get a nice long, lean line.

floral top -blush-moto-jacket-

4. Watch Your Styling

How you wear your florals can also make a difference. For example, a pink, purple, and cream floral dress with a matching purple cashmere cardigan and pretty sandals can look dated. Try contrasting your florals with a leather jacket or sexy strappy shoes to create some edginess for a fashion-forward look. Tiny dainty, dangly jewelry that you are used to wearing with sweet, traditional florals can get swallowed up by bolder, more modern florals.

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One thought on “How Not to Look Old in Florals After 40

  1. I am not a floral gal, although I bought a sheer black kimono with large orange flowers to wear with a black sheath dress. I purchased “gong” gold earrings, and I like the look. Florals in small statements are more my thing. I find florals to be too busy and too trendy for me. I like classic and fun looks, like a nautical or a wrap shirt with a tropical print. I genuinely prefer solids or stripes. Being a size 60 3 (I work at it), I don’t buy fashion; I have my style. I’m a massive fan of a tailored look. Those maxi floral skirts remind me of the euphemism “fit and flair.”, which is not flattering. I do my own thing. I also think tunics are muumuus for the top half.

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